What about parapsychology?

I met a friar in a monastery which I had the great opportunity to spend an afternoon chatting. Besides various things we talked, I was really intrigued by one in particular. This friar is dedicated, by himself, to the study of parapsychology at least 20 years. When I started talking about exorcism, possession and spiritual phenomena he told me, grosso modo, that 99% of cases are actually reported phenomena of consciousness. A demon could not hold a person without her acceptance, witches would never have existed, objects can not be cursed because the matter would not have any power over the world. Actually the objects that the priests themselves have bless have nothing extraordinary, but actually lead us to some saint and, ultimately, Jesus Christ and God the Father, who yes, have power over the physical world. I do not know if this whole view is wise, I’m actually going to talk another day with a exorcist priest of my parish so I can take better my doubts. But what do you think? Do parapsychology actually explains most of these things? The devil really have so little power of possession? I realized that maybe parapsychology is a very valuable link between science and religion, because it demystifies a lot of both. I believe that our scientific model is outdated, because such manifestations of Psi can only be explained with a physical model more consistent than ours today, which has two variables, the quantum and classical physics. The friar also noted that these studies are not very accepted in the scientific community because its methods are not very consistent, and that also there is a very short time that psychology has become accepted as scientific knowledge. On the issue of citation, psychology study the influence of consciousness on the individual, while parapsychology (“Parallel”) study the influence of consciousness on the environment. The friar seemed to be very knowledgeable and wise in the things he said. But over all this, what do you think?

It sounds to me that he is deceived by the science of psychology.

I am not an expert, but our sciences can take us only so far and that’s it. They can be helpful to a degree.

Unfortunately it causes many to think that there is nothing supernatural, or there is only to a degree.

I will be happy to hear the input of others who know more than me about these things.

It sounds like he’s just giving you his personal opinions. I don’t think all parapsychologists would agree with some of this.
Just because someone is a priest or religious doesn’t mean they recognize the power of the Devil. Sad, but true.

Would a person that was demon possessed and died go to hell?
Suppose I hypnotize Joe and convince him that a real gun is a squirt gun. I tell him that it would be really funny to squirt Bob in the face. He shoots and kills Bob. Is Joe guilty of murder? I don’t think so.
Guilt is partly determined by motive. Joe had no evil intention. Similarly, should a demon possessed person be held accountable for the actions of the demon?

Perhaps the person has accepted such possession because it opened the possibility of it happening. In fact I do not believe that the person has to be judged by the actions of the devil. But what matters here is the fact that he/she allowed such possession, maybe because of a spiritual weakness or because he/she turned away from God. The friar told me that the real people who can go through it can be for example a very rich businessman who is greedy and selfish, thinking only of the most enriching, like a tyrant king. A person who lives in prostitution and that is very libidinous, that sort of thing. But someone who is with Christ can not be possessed by the devil, because the devil has no power from Christ.

Some rural towns keep many superstitions and beliefs here. The friar told me he went to one of them during Mass and told people there to send any kind of spell, voodoo, magic or curse, because it has no power, because it is not from God, it is a phenomenon of the unconscious and furthermore it could do nothing because he is with Jesus Christ.

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