What about Sister Lucia of Fatima?

Have you heard of the ‘impostor’ Sister Lucy? I have followed the Fatima apparations
for a long time and must agree that the photo posted after 1958 are NOT of the
child Lucy. The photo is definitely an impostor. Why was the message given by
the Virgin Mother not reveled in 1960?

Please help me with this mystery. thank you

Dear friend,

Please don’t buy into such negative, conspiratorial gossip. Our Lady would not let such a thing happen. Certainly Sister Lucia looked a lot different in later life than she did when she was younger. The biggest difference is in the shape of her face. I know several people whose appearances changed just as much with the addition of false teeth. It’s amazing how the different shape of new gums can change the appearance of the whole face.

The sewing of such doubts is not the work of Jesus or His mother. It’s coming from the other side. Satan wants nothing better than to sew doubts in the minds of believers.

The Holy Father determined to not make public the secrets of Fatima in 1960. As the successor of St. Peter, He had the right to make such a judgment regarding a private revelation. See how such doubts chip away at the authority of Christ’s Vicar on earth. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is not a hoax! We believe Jesus when He promised to remain with her through the ages.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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