What about Stephen Strasburg?

Of course, if I posted this on a general sports-related forum I would get answers from enthusiastic fans. But I am not a baseball fanatic so I do not have an account on one of those forums.

Strasburg is one of the few people that makes me violate the First Commandment since I idolize him and see him as some sort of (athletic) deity. :smiley:

There is no question that he is a very talented pitcher and certainly merits the hype he has received from the media due to his dominating performance against the Pirates, White Sox , Indians and Royals striking out in his starts 14, 8, 10, and 9 respectively. From his four starts, he has a dominating sub 2.00 ERA.

Of course, the question is whether he will have a fruitful MLB career or end up like Dwight Gooden, Mark Prior, and Fernando Valenzuela who had exceptional rookie seasons (with Valenzuela winning the National League Cy Young in 1981 during his rookie year) and the few years after that (Gooden won a Cy Young in his second year) but later became ineffective due to injuries and, in the case of Gooden, substance abuse. (I, of course, do not think Strasburg will abuse drugs.)

I would say he’s the next big thing…but then again, that criteria requires a player to have a good team surrounding him.

His team is the Nationals, so…

Well, he can get a lot of strikeout and low walks, and that seems independent of the fielders behind him unless their catcher allows a lot of passed balls, but Strasburg has more than enough control that any MLB catcher should be able to catch his pitches.

According to wikipedia Kerry Wood is the :

*]Fastest to reach 1000 strikeouts in MLB history (in appearances): 134 games
*]Fastest to reach 1000 strikeouts in MLB history (in innings pitched): 853 IP

Wonder if Strasburg will break Kerry Wood’s record.

I hope he has a great career. Then again Im a Nats fan!

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