What about the books not in the bible?

I understand that the Bible we know today was defined by a council long ago. (Council of Rome?) The books are inspired by and/or contain the word of God.

But what about those books not included in the bible? For example, the movie Noah has a few things inspired by the book of Enoch. A book I’ve never heard of before.
Are these books considered heresies? Are they simply not defined as inspired?

Noah Spoiler

In the movie Noah was protected and assisted by 3 story tall rock creatures. These creatures were angels who cameto earth to help after The Fall but we’re encrusted by the Earth as punishment of defying God.
A bit of Googling suggest this is from the book of Enoch.

I know some are considered to be praise worthy and edifying, but I don’t know which ones. I’m sure others know.

There are several threads discussing them. First, they weren’t included as Divinely inspired, so we can make of them what we desire.

Some are actually quoted in the New Testament.

Some of those are considered reasonable cross reference material. The Protoevangelicum of James describes Jesus infancy, and sometimes used as cross reference. Many occurred in NT era and often Gnostic in nature, or contain information that contradict to other books. An example is Gospel of Thomas. (Not written by the Apostle).

Non Biblical “religious” literature existed as long as literature existed. An example of Old Testament era Jewish, but non biblical literature is Book of Jubilees.

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