What about the Christian Community Bible?

Is anyone familiar with the “Christian Community Bible”?


I’m looking for a free, computer based, Catholic Bible with commentary on the same page.

It looks like this can be downloaded in “chunks” (which isn’t exactly what I want), but it’s better than a complete downloadable bible with no commentary.

It seems that these guys are legitimate, but if anyone knows more, please respond.



It looks like you’re trying to sell me an Orthodox Bible.

I was looking for information on the Christian Community Bible.

im not a book dealer,:thumbsup: anyway i cant afford one but if you buy it you should lend it to me

I have a copy.

It’s a good and cheap Catholic Bible produced originally in South America and translated for use in the Phillippines and the rest of the 3rd world.

Its benefits are an approved Catholic translation and good pastoral notes that (unlike the NAB and NJB notes) actually apply the Bible texts to Catholic teaching and the Christian life.

I used to reference it quite a bit. More and more, however, I began to notice that it was heavily weighted in the direction of social justice issues. Nothing wrong with social justice, it just isn’t my predominant focus when I study or meditate on the Scriptures.

The CCB was, in fact, created by Catholic Christians in the Third World for Catholic Christians in the Third World. I’m sure from their perspective, the SJ issue would be foremost in their minds.

There have also been objections to the CCB’s foreword to the Book of Romans – that, theologically, it is closer to a Protestant perspective than a true Catholic one. There is a thread about it somewhere here in the forums – you may want to use the search feature to find it.

I guess I wouldn’t mind having a copy of the CCB for a casual cross-reference, because some of the notes are insightful (I already have the NT text of it in my Catholic Comparative New Testament). If someone gave me one I’d take it, or if I found one in good shape at a used bookstore I might buy it. I wouldn’t pay full price for it and would for sure not use it as my primary Bible.

Thanks for the response. Are the notes in large enough type to read easily?

Also, does it have an impramatur?

Social Justice isn’t my big thing either…you’re probably right about the 3rd world aspect.

I have just about every other bible type in existence (or so it seems). What I was actually looking for is something that I can download (with notes on the same page as text), then print out short sections to hand out for part of a Bible Study I’m leading.

third world…like mississippi?

It’s a RC Bible of Philippine origin. I have a copy, but don’t read it much. It has plenty of notes - I just don’t like the art or the font, which is sometimes very small and “cluttered”.

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