What about the indelible mark on the soul?

In reference to Father Corapi I heard it said of him, “Once a priest always a priest.” With that in mind why is, “Once saved always saved,” wrong? The indelible mark placed upon a priest’s soul at the time of his ordination is exactly that, indelible. I thought the mark placed upon the laity upon baptism was also indelible thus making it impossible for them to completely regress. Please clarify. Thank you.


We all receive an indelible mark our soul both at Baptism and Confirmation. But remember that the indelible mark on the priest’s soul does not insure that he can’t go to hell any more than the marks from Baptism and Confirmation insure that we can’t go to hell. The sacraments do not take away our free will. So long as we have free will here on earth, we can reject God. His salvation is eternal, but we can reject it at any time while here on earth. “If we hold firm, then we shall reign with him. If we disown Him, then He will disown us.” (2 Tim: 12)

“One saved, always saved,” means that we can go to heaven even if we die while turning our backs on God—which is what dyeing in the state of mortal sin is. No way!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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