What about the recently "discovered" James Ossuary?

What about the recently “discovered” James Ossuary?
A couple of years ago a huge archeological discovery gave the world the “James Ossuary” which said “…James brother of Jesus.” It was in Newsweek magazine and the Evangelical press covered the find extensively as proof that Catholics were wrong about Mary’s perpetual virginity. The person who discovered the ossuary, Oded Golan, was arrested July 21, 2003 and appeared the next day in court, where police revealed forging equipment – stencils, stones and yet-to-be-completed forgeries – they said were found in his home, according to the Associated Press. The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) found him to be part an extensive forgery ring that has sold millions of dollars of artifacts to museums. Since then news of the ossuary has quietly disappeared from Evangelical apologetics.2

It seems that the words “brother of James” were added by the forger.

Ossuaries with the inscription “Jesus son of Joseph” have been found before this.

All these show is that Jesus, Joseph, and James, for that matter, were common names among Jews during this time–which we knew already.

It was a forgery. The guy made a ton of money “finding” ancient artifacts.

Lets get it right it said James the brother of Jesus and was fake

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