What About the Terminator Movies?

My husband and I own all 3 Terminator films and we absolutely love watching them. We don’t watch these movies every week but we’ve watched each movie several times over the years. Is there anything wrong with a Catholic watching these types of violent films? I wonder about them sometimes but always figure they are basically okay because they are good conquers evil sorts of movies. Although the last one proved that hero and heroine would go on the real war between humankind and the machines had just begun.

I LOVE ROBERT PATRICK!!! (T-1000) I like him in other movies, too, and on The Unit, but he was awesome in T2.

I know, it’s not much of a contribution to this thread, but it makes me feel good.

As for the OP, I haven’t seen T1 or T3, but I assume they are a lot like T2. To me, they’re adventure stories. Bad guy vs. good guy, and the good guy wins.

And the technology in T2 was ground-breaking and wondrous. A feast for the imagination and for any budding engineers, a real stimulant.

BTW, do you know that a T4 is being made? Apparently Schwarzenegger has said no to the film, but a lot of the blogs and fan sites are hoping that they will bring back Robert Patrick as the T-1000, only have him programmed to be “good” and chase down a “bad” Terminator. I haven’t heard anything from any of the Robert Patrick fansites, but I imagine that if he is planning on doing the movie, that information will be kept secret until the publicist says to release it. So much depends on the PR campaign.

You’ve gotta rent T3! It was so awesome! The first week we had it we watched it 3 or 4 times.
That would be so cool if they did a T4. The third movie leaves a big opening at the end of the movie for another sequel. It was so good. I was a little ambivalent about seeing it at first because I knew there was a female terminator in it but I’m sold. She was soo good.
Thanks for responding.

It is not being made yet. There is a script and the rights have been bought making it more likely, but this movie is still pretty iffy.


You will have The Sarah Connor Chronicles, though.

I love the Terminator movies too, and the Indiana Jones movies and Batman (the one with Jack Nicholson) and a bunch more. Not everything has to be serious and edifying - sometimes you can simply enjoy yourself.

The first Terminator movie presented a plausible future and a warning against the misuse of technology. The sex scene with Linda Hamilton was unnecessary. The difference between simulated violence and seeing actual, normally covered, body parts is important. I don’t want to see anyone engaging in sexual activity in a movie.

Spoiler alert:

The second Terminator movie raised the plausibility level. The prospect of such machines being built is far along, although the brain power is lagging behind. I do not need to see a robot cutting off its flesh covered arm. Again, as technology advaces, real warnings for its misuse can also be entertaining.

To my fellow Christians, I just want to say that other movies with robots and similar were made without the sex, graphic violence and profanity. I would very much enjoy such movies being made again. The Day the Earth Stood Still comes to mind.

God bless,

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