What about this "War on Women" Business?

How much of these things are valid social concerns for Catholics (discarding the obvious no-no’s such as reproductive “rights” and contraceptives) and how much is hype? I mean, there are some disturbing trends here if this list is true. I would not want to see laws against rape or domestic violence weakened, or social services to the needy cut.

Maybe the main problem is the lumping of it all in with the liberal feminist agenda items as a package deal? :mad:


Your thoughts?

There is no war on women. Rape and domestic violence are and will remain illegal.

In order to get these things passed, they are trying to paint their opponents as haters of women. It’s really old and really immature. Instead of discussing the issues at hand, they use name-calling.

It has once been said that bad leaders are a punishment for sin. We all need to REPENT so everyone can keep their religious freedom. If we do not, I can easily see the USA turning into a communist state the persecutes Christians and anyone who doesn’t follow the state-enforced atheism, like what happened in the Soviet Union.

I think your first mistake is being at the Move On website.
Just my personal opinion.

Painting with a large brush like “War on Women” isn’t really fair. It all boils down to a matter of ideology. Republicans should want decrease government depth, breadth, and spending. Most of these policies fall in line with that thinking. Unfortunately, less government aid will, at least initially, injure people dependent on government spending. This is no more a war on women than Democrats creating a “Welfare Nanny State”.

How I feel about the issue, I can support the “liberal feminist agenda” on points 3-8.

The Republican cause on this has been rather severely hurt by the continued prominence of people like Rush Limbaugh. Regardless of what Republican candidates are doing, Limbaugh is fighting a war on women, and Mitt Romney’s weak condemnation of him looks pretty bad from that perspective.

What the heck is “abortion care”???:confused::confused::confused:

An abortion.

or an oxymoron!:rolleyes: sort of like “jumbo shrimp” or " government intelligence" or a “square circle”

Yeah I get it, like “Obama care or Affordable health care”;)…I still say Orwells “1984” ought to be required reading.

Backstory - my liberal friends on Facebook or in conversation bring these websites or current events or social movements to my awareness. I suspect they are biased sources, but if I don’t investigate, the friends who inform me of them will then have grounds to accuse me of not knowing the facts about what I’m telling them I feel skeptical about. There is already so much prejudice against pro-life people, painting us as ignorant, uninformed, biased, unrealistic, lacking in compassion, blah blah blah ad nauseum, that I don’t want to be susceptible to being pigeonholed (and summarily dismissed) like that.

And in general, though I find things such as this annoying/disturbing/repugnant, I sometimes feel it’s better to see what the thing is all about and if it’s completely biased, or if there are some good points mixed in with the not-good. Sort of like when a bill goes through Congress - I believe in the “line item veto” idea.

One final point and then I’ll give it a rest - I also believe “know thine enemy.” Or as Jesus told His Apostles, we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. :yup:

Let’s look at the sequence of events. The first thing that happened was Obama’s promulgation of the HHS mandate which threw Catholics under the bus. That caused outrage even among liberal Catholics. The HHS mandate was clearly a war on religious freedom and the outcry for some reason surprised the administration. They tried to craft a fake compromise, but it was too late. Now, every bishop in the U.S. has announced opposition to the mandate including the fake compromise. Several Catholic and non-Catholic institutions have filed suit against the HHS.

The administration’s response was to make up a “war on women” where there is none. That’s what Sandra Fluke was all about. That’s the new narrative which will justify a de facto war on the Catholic Church.


Most of their sources I find highly suspect. Blogs and Alex Jones? Really? This is what passes for sources these days?

Fine. Read their stuff and respond. Then ask them how much reading they are doing of First Things or National Review. When they answer none, expose them for being ignorant of opposing arguments and leftist Koolaid drinkers.

It’s not like they are making any serious points. Law MUST be fair and impartial. Laws that create special provisions for certain peoples undermine the basic purpose of law. To oppose such faulty laws is hardly a ‘war’ on the proposed special class of person. This is why I oppose ‘hate crime’ laws and similar things. Violence should be punished for what it is, not what motivated it.

I don’t imagine he’ll keep many friends if he treats them that way.

MoveOn.org is funded by Fabian Socialist George Soros, convicted felon, and the guy who crashed the Bank of England, among other national currencies; and who is making a good run at undermining the USA’s dollar in favor of China’s currency as the reserve currency of the world. Here is Phony Pheminism; and the phony bought-and-paid grass roots activists; and the phony media, including Soros’ buying off of media mavens like Christiana Amanpour. “You can’t make this stuff up.” She and others are on the take from Soros’ foundations and cover organizations.

There is a war on Woman & Seed with women being fast-tracked to abort their babies. Federal socialized medicine is dumping more recipients into MediCare WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FUNDING to dilute services to seniors, a heavily female demographic. This is the Planned Parenthood soft-kill of seniors that complements their ramping up of federally-funded abortion and abortifacient birth control pills and devices. Planned Parenthood’s War on Woman & Seed includes their cover-up of the abortion-breast cancer link exposed by Dr. Joel Brind. The Susan G. Komen-ites were brutalized for attempting to stop funding Planned Parenthood ($9 million to date). Planned Parenthood’s provision of elective abortion and steroidal birth control raises the breast cancer risk for client-females and blocks informed choice from the first by refusing to show clients sonograms of their babies or notify women of the enhanced breast cancer risk with elective abortion and abortifacient hormones. Arguably Susan G. Komen Foundation is creating more breast cancer than they are preventing! That’s the war on Woman & Seed: dead baby; dying woman.

What good is a friend who demands that you read his favorite talking heads, but refuses to read yours? It’s simple mutual respect. If they refuse to read anything but Soros backed websites, then Kool-aid drinkers are what they are.

If they’ll read both and make up their own minds, I have no quibble or insults for them.

So you’re admitting there is no “War on Womyn”?

I’m sure you feigned the same outrage when Maher was calling anyone he didn’t agree with every bad name in the book.

:thumbsup: Thank you for providing a good overview.

@ those who posted who seem to think I somehow committed a sin or faux pas simply for looking at the site - :confused: I don’t get where you’re coming from. I hate all the controversy in society and I hate what the pro-choice lobby has done to my country and the world since I was 10-1/2 years old in 1973 when Roe v. Wade went down. I was simply attempting to discern what is wheat and what is chaff, or if it was all chaff, or what. 'Nuff said.

Having read most of this board I think a caution is in order. The Wade case is studied in Constitutional law, not because it is seminal but rather because it is based on Griswold and was the culmination of over fifty years of effort to legalize abortion.

The above referenced effort was religious bigotry aimed at Catholics. The use of the term 'against women" was found to be the most effective and that methodology is still in use today. Make no mistake, authority over human life belongs to God alone. Make no mistake, there are religious bigots out there. We will never eliminate sin, we may assist other sinners.

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