What about this?

Alright, so today my brother and I went to the Confessional, and on the way back we were discussing the fact that God does want us to be happy, and that the scrupulosity that we both suffer from makes us think of happiness as almost a sin. I agreed with him, but almost without thinking, I said “are you wishing to be relieved of the responsibility of Confession?” - or words to that effect. I didn’t mean him any malice, but I shouldn’t have questioned his motives. It’s too late for me to go back to Confession now. Should I abstain from Communion and wait until I take Confession again before I take Communion next? Or is this me being scrupulous again?

Any help would be appreciated.

You admit you suffer from scrupulosity so you really need to talk your priest or spiritual advisor about this.

From what you have described, it is certainly not a mortal sin and should not prevent you from receiving communion.

You really need to talk to your priest about this and ask him and pray about a better understanding between mortal and venial sins.

Are you under professional care from your pastor and/or a mental health professional? Please get help if you are not.

You did not commit any sin, and you should follow your spiritual director/confessor’s guidance regarding your scrupulosity. You should not try to gain spiritual direction on the internet. You will only continue to second guess yourself, and anyone who answers you.

You just said “almost without thinking.” Mortal Sin requires sufficient reflection before it is carried out.

…and mortal sin requires grave matter. This is not grave matter.

From what I have read, it does not seem that you committed any sin at all.

I agree.

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