What about this?

1st Question:
A visiting priest from India celebrated mass in our local church and I noticed that he distributed the Eucharist under both species BUT also placed it in the palm of the hands of some of the parishioners who didn’t stick out their tongue.
My question - Don’t the priest know that it’s just not right but insist that reception should be on the tongue??
2nd Question:
This same priest heard confession and after giving an old Aunty blessing, asked for $20.00 (for petitions he said). She told me to keep it quiet. My conscience is killing me ! What do you propose I do?

Dear friend,

The Church allows Communion in the hand. People have the choice of receiving on the tongue or in the hand. Most people sin at least as much with their tongues as with their hands. Receiving in the hand can be done quite reverently. So the priest did nothing wrong.

As for asking for money, I would need to know more. Something doesn’t sound right. Certainly, there is no reason for your conscience to be bothering you.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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