What ads are you seeing on CAF?

The CAF ad server is showing me an awful lot of ads for rebuilt automobile engines. What’s up with that? Do rebuilt engine vendors pay well for those ads?

By the way, I am not, nor have I ever been, in the market for automobile engines.

What ads are you seeing that don’t align with your shopping habits?

You patrons are really missing out. You might want to opt in for these great ads — if they even let you. Ha!

Face mask ads, I live in Victoria, where face mask wearing is mandatory.

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A few weeks ago, I was seeing fashion facemask ads: jeweled, transparent, even fishnet – I wonder how much virus a fishnet catches.


The fishnet one was in my feed for a long time. What a silly product!


On a plain white backdrop, the following text and I quote:

Download Free Guide


The LIBOR transition is the opportunity to intelligently modernize your CLM

I have no idea what those acronyms mean. I have no idea what this corporation or guide are. I’m sure not clicking on it.


I managed to get a screenshot of the engines:

I’m not liking their characterization of these products as “HOT.” Sounds a bit racy.



Update: maybe this advertising agency’s algorithm is paying very close attention and is trying to clear up my confusion.

Now my ad reads:

Download for Free


Contract Management & LIBOR Cessation

So apparently it’s my contract management that needs to be modernized with some kind of ‘L’ qualifier, and LIBOR is something I want to cease.

I look forward to what I’ll learn next. Maybe about the ‘L’ from the original ad.

PS cool engines, @Beryllos. I mean: Hot. You sure you don’t want to buy 6 or 10?

If they throw in free shipping, I just might.

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If they do you should take them up on it. What if engines are the toilet paper of the next pandemic? Best stock up now.


Dirty toilet bowl ads.

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Haha oh no, yours are the worst. You take the prize so far!

What a thing to be looking at across the top of CAF. :joy:



I really want to post a theology thread but this ad with someone’s inner thigh about toilet bowl cleaner has me convinced I can clean my toilet!



Hahaha. Thanks for the hearty laugh. Happy scrubbing!


Oh my goodness.

I just got a new one, y’all. This one’s too good not to share:

What have I done to invite this?

Whatever it is, I’m glad.


Kill it with fire!


They move, too. Those mascots slid into frame like they were doing the slide. And the ‘BAM!’ popped up on the screen just as I suppose a bam is intended to.



I welcome the direction my ads are moving. This is better than the contract management stuff.


I hated the Catholic match ads. It was a dating website. Always shut off the music in the background.

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I never got autoplay noises. Maybe some default setting on my devices prevents that. Autoplay videos happen, but I only get the visual, no audio.

Sorry to hear you got the surround sound experience, haha. Gotta really immerse yourself in the experience of being sold to.

At least so far governments are denying corporate applications to allow ads that force you to watch them (enforced by tracking your eye movements through your camera) before you’re allowed to resume whatever activity. (The tech already exists and companies have asked to be allowed, but gov’ts have said no.)

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An ad to combat powdery mildew on grapevines,
and another ad promoting RM Williams clothing :grinning:
Apartments for sale ,and Bam mascots with impact :thinking:
Plus a few others…
And a little one asking if I’d like a CAF ad free experience…


I’ve been seeing ads for the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel. The picture of the Grand Canyon is so beautiful, and refreshing compared to some of the other ads (like the bidet ad :unamused:), that I actually clicked the Grand Canyon ad. It took me to a webpage trying to get me to book my ticket on the train, which I am currently unable to do :disappointed:

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