What age to see Bella?

For those of you who have seen this movie, what age do you think kids should be (the younger limit, of course) to see this movie? And why? Thanks :slight_smile:

I think they’re recommending around 12 and up, but I don’t recall there being anything in there any child can’t see. It may be boring for the younger ones, but not inappropriate. The only issue is if you want your kids seeing an unmarried woman who’s pregnant. Oh, and her boss yells at her in the beginning, so if your child is really sensitive, take that into consideration.

Great movie!!! Really wonderful message :smiley:

On EWTN radio or CA radio they were recommending teens and up (both the expert they had and the bishops website).

I would not take a sensitive child under the age of 13 or so. That said, the theater was full of young children who did fine. If the child can watch shoot-em-ups or westerns or anything else with a loss in it, the child would be fine with this. As said above, maybe bored, but fine. If the child is sensitive to loss in books or other media, a central part of the plot would be a little too much to see and could cause problems.

I think it should have been rated PG, not PG13.

Because of the reason that Jose hasn’t driven his car in years, I would be careful about letting small children watch it. I could definitely see little kids being traumatized by that. If they can handle seeing that, they can handle the movie.

I agree. That scene brought a lot of people to tears…

Could you be more specific, please? For what reason? How small?

Any other thoughts from others who have seen the movie?

I’m thinking of taking my son, just shy of 10, to the movie to meet some out-of-state friends that are visiting family and the movie happens to be playing in a town at a convenient area to meet. Thanks!

The scene that is mentioned as bringing tears to people is one
that shows an accident. To go more into it would not be fair to
those who haven’t seen the movie. I would take my 10 year
granddaughter to see it and discuss it after.
Hope this helps.

Yes, that helps, thanks. I don’t believe scenes that lead to crying are much of a reason to not take a child. In earlier years our son cried mostly during successful rescue scenes!

Because of living near a dangerous highway as a child I saw fatal accident scenes up close, including one that didn’t even seem real. I never had nightmares or problems in dealing with them (though some might argue I’m strange!).

On an different note, we had not discussed 9/11 with our son. We flew to Italy when he was almost 3 about a month after those terrorist attacks and obviously did not want to bring it up at that time. We never saw the need to try to explain such senseless acts of violence. But we were caught by surprise when watching the Champions of Faith movie since the tower attacks were included in that movie and caught us by surprise. That forced us to explain what happened and we told him of how many people that died. He thought the terrorists were stupid and evil and didn’t seem very bothered and has never brought it up again.

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