What am I meant to do?

Hello all. I wanted to share something that has been plauging me for some time. This is by no means as serious a situation as many people find themselves in and I do not mean this to appear over dramatic, I am simply putting down all my thoughts in as concise a manner as possible. I know I should feel truly blessed simply to have a job…but…Many may be in a similar situation, I am hoping to find some encouragement, prayer, and advice from this wonderful community. I have been working the same job for about 3 years since I graduated from college, have steadily been promoted and recognized, yet I agonize my career daily. I truly feel like a prisoner in my position due to the salary i am afforded. I am the breadwinner for my family and hesitate to leave this profession for something else when I have never done anything else. I have no idea what it is I want to do with my life, I feel stuck. The people I work with think I would be idiotic to leave the position i am in due to the flexibility and pay it provides. I can’t help it though, I feel bored, here is often little work or direction. I work in the IT field and have lost the passion for the work. i really just got into it for the demand at the time and to get out of college before i turned 104! As I mentioned before, this is by no means as important as most prayer requests and threads on here but I truly feel lost. Any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.:shrug:

Praying for you. My husband spent over one year in a job he was completely miserable in. Sometimes our husbands really need our prayers. I knew if he were single he would have quit long before but as he was supporting a family he was trapped. He spent much time in prayer on the drive to and from work just to get himself through the day.

He searched for work and now is so happy at his new job he is bursting! The work is challenging and he loves the people. He as already gotten a raise and bonuses are on the horizon.

Why don’t you do a job search? I am not suggesting you give notice but sometimes just seeing what is out there can be helpful. There is lots in the internet. In the meantime offer up your boredom at your job as prayer. Your dedication to your family is not going un-noticed by God. This is a serious cross to bear I know. Praying for you, hope this helps.

I can sympathize…
I’ve been in a very similar position for a long time… at my job over 6 years now. At first it was exciting (technically), but after a while it just got boring and the work itself is actually pretty stressful… but I’m unmotivated.
I pray each and every day… and I’m slowly working in the background at starting in a new career. I’ve taken online classes and earned my state license for this area… and started working part time on the weekends in this new field.

My husband was also in a similar situation… actually, he was afraid of being laid off because he literally didn’t have any work to do at his job. He was so bored he’d find empty offices and take naps during the middle of the day. MANY prayers later he’s moved into a position at the company he never even DREAMED of doing… and he’s absolutely LOVING it.

My only advice is to pray… and stay the course. God will lead you to where He wants you to be.

praying for you and your family as you discern God’s plan for you in all areas of life including career. if it helps I can offer that my current job and entire life situation, which is the fulfillment of God’s plan as I understand it for us, is the direct result of lsoing a business, losing a job, losing a home and losing a career for which I had been preparing with all energy and sacrifice of time and money for years.

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