What am I supposed to do with this?


I don’t proselytize, I believe it’s the wrong way to share my faith. So when conflicts arise about religion, I take the approach of listening, reflecting, and responding. I believe it’s more enjoyable to discuss, rather than debate.

Unfortunately the Protestants I know aren’t always so accommodating. Many don’t even understand what Catholics believe, and some even try to constantly argue even when I say I don’t want/like to debate.

Some have lots of objections and tell me what I “really believe” and how I’m wrong. Most of the arguing boils down to how Catholics don’t believe in only the Bible and that somehow means what we believe is very misguided and the way “man made religion” messes things up.

Do I have to always be on the defensive, or should I literally clam up and stop responding? I don’t feel there’s much mutual respect on their part as it is on my part. i hate this.


When someone says that Catholics believe “such and such,” I ask them what Catholic document they got ”such and such” from. Make them show you where they got the supposed teaching. Usually it is not from a Catholic source and it helps to clarify that they don’t know really what the Catholic Church teaches. It also gives you the opportunity to show what the Church teaches using Church documents.



You certainly do not have to respond if you don’t want to. Lead by example. “I don’t disrespect your religious beliefs, so I’d appreciate it if you don’t disrespect mine” or “As I have said before, I am not interested in arguing with you. Please respect my decision.” Etc.



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OP, these people clearly don’t want to have a discussion. I’d ignore them.


“I said I won’t debate/argue. If you won’t respect this, we will not be talking anymore.”


There are those who question in good faith and those who question out of disrespect.

You can usually tell the difference because the ones who are on the attack won’t actually listen to anything you say and will repeat the same objections even after you’ve offered clarification.

I don’t think you’re obligated to argue or debate. Offering a defense for our faith is good but sometimes you’re throwing pearls to swine.

I’d say continue doing what you’re doing but be open to the Holy Spirits promptings. Sometimes He’ll guide you to speak even if you would prefer not to.

For the most part I think the BEST way to evangelize is through living the faith, not arguing it.


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