What am I supposed to do?


I became a Catholic at Easter. I read up lots. I am convinced I am meant to be Catholic. What do I do? This thing about the abusive Bishop and the new revision to the catechism ? Help! This is supposed to be my new family and all I see is fighting and sin


The Church is made up of human beings. We all sin. We’re all upset about the Bishop, but he’s being dealt with. If the Church were only for the perfect, you & I wouldn’t be here, would we? :slight_smile:

The change to the catechism is nothing to be upset about; our understanding of some issues develops over time, just as it has on other issues.


Hopefully @halogirl you carry with your pilgrimage through life as a member of the Body of Christ .

Surely you knew about the abusive bishop , and all the other abusive bishops and piiests before Easter .


I did but the potential schism thing really concerns me


Persevere! We are all sinners, and unfortunately sexual sin of pastors takes place in all denominations and faiths. I’m relatively new, too, and see the recent statement about the death penalty as a deeper understanding of Christ’s message. If we go back to the basic - God is the giver and taker of life - it aligns to the dignity of death. I hope this makes sense to you.


Ignore a lot of what you read. The Church has a LONG time horizon and has seen it all. Literally ALL. God is in control. He requires, above all, our trust. Things will work out.
Pray a lot, stick close to the sacraments and Mother Mary, grow in charity, and you will be just fine.


Thank you xxn


Our faith is in God, not in men. All men are sinners, even the Apostles were. Peter denied Christ three times.


And keep in mind what is always in front of us: the seemingly utter defeat of Jesus as he died tormented on the cross, and even his closest disciples fled or denied him. We find this pattern repeatedly in the Church; what seems to be defeat, however, becomes the triumph of God in ways we never expected. Keep your eyes on Christ, even as Peter failed to do when he walked on water (but then Jesus rescued him). The Church has always been compared to a wind-tossed boat.


I became Catholic shortly before the abuse scandal first came to life in the early part of this century.

Sit down and read the John Jay Report. http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/child-and-youth-protection/upload/The-Nature-and-Scope-of-Sexual-Abuse-of-Minors-by-Catholic-Priests-and-Deacons-in-the-United-States-1950-2002.pdf

As for the Holy Father’s update, the Catechism has been updated and corrected before. Here is a long list:


In these last few days I feel closer to my old faith Methodism thst is much more focussed on the person of Jesus than the hierarchy and authority of the church. But I’m still
A catholic.


Thank you my family Xx


The Church isn’t going to formerly divide, is it?


The gates of hell shall not prevail


Are you replying to me? I’ve heard this before but don’t really know what it means.


It means that we know that the Church will always stay One Holy Catholic and Apostolic. People may fail, they may leave, but the Church will remain.


Ok, thank you!


What potential schism?


You have been looking in the wrong parts of the Church if that’s all you see.


Yes, it would be a great church if Jesus hadn’t left humans to run it. lol This is one of the reasons it’s so important that we have been told that nothing and no one will destroy this church. He knew those to whom he left it. He knew they would make mistakes, they would sin, they would repent and sin all over again only to again be forgiven because of His divine mercy. ALL of us are sinners. The glory is that all of us are also forgiven when we repent. Hang on to Jesus and His church. The ride might be bumpy sometimes but we are promised that the Church will always be here and it’s all worth it. :slight_smile:

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