What Am I?

I was filling something out and under the “faith” blank, I typed, Catholic, now I am in RCIA, I carry a Catholic Bible, I Cross myself with Holy Water. I have left the Anglican Communion, so I only attend Saint Mary Magdalene. I am only waiting until Easter so I can start receiving Communion. My question is (and I am not being silly), how do I fill in blanks like that? I “think” it is right to put Catholic…I am not Protestant, I go to a Catholic Church. Your thoughts…

Yup - if it walks, looks and sounds like a duck it’s probably a duck.

You walk, look and sound, and most importantly believe, like a Catholic … probably more so than many a baptised person out there who puts it on their census forms.

So feel free to proudly call yourself Catholic!

That’s a very interesting question. I’m assuming that you’ve been baptized, so you’re officially a candidate; otherwise you’re a catechumen. As far as faith is concerned, I would say that your faith is Catholic, because that is what you believe in; as far as your religion is concerned, I agree that you’re in a transitional period, since you won’t be accepted into the Church until Easter.

I’m glad that you have embarked on this journey. And I assure you that crossing the Tiber is very fun and very rewarding. You have my prayers. God bless!

I think it’s right to put Catholic as well!

Welcome Home!

On my profile I put “Catholic”…

I, too, am in RCIA, carry a Catholic Bible, a Catholic Prayer Book, wear my crucifix and Miraculous Medal and St. Michael/Guardian Angel medal, cross myself with Holy Water, pray the Rosary, admit I’m Catholic and not ashamed of it…

I’m a baptized, ex-Pentecostal who is a current Charismatic Catholic.

So… at least I’m not the only one… :thumbsup:

Let’s shout our faith aloud! :smiley:

Everyone agrees then as far as forms go, Say it LOUD say it PROUD, I am a Catholic.

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