What an odd day!

As some of you may recall, I care for my elderly mother who lives with me. My mother regularly goes to one of two nearby senior centers. She is normally taken there by the local mass transit agency which provides door to door transportation for the disabled.

Today, the senior center was having some kind of rummage sale. A few moments after I got off the phone with a friend (who is also a CAF member :slight_smile: ), I get a call from the Senior center asking me to come pick up my Mom. It was about 11:00. I guessed that my Mom had bought something big or heavy. She had said she was looking for an exercise bike. I get there and it turns out she did not get anything. It was that she scheduled her ride badly with the transit agency and was not due to be picked up until around 4:00. She had had her fill of the sale and she wanted to go home early.

The place was very crowded when Just as we are getting into the car, an odd little elderly Chinese woman, a complete stranger, comes up and says “Can you carry something for me? I only live two or three blocks away. Can you help me?”

Surprised at this woman’s complete absence of shyness, I asked, “What do you need?”

“I want to buy a dresser but they won’t sell it to me unless I can take it home now. Can you help?” (My car is easily large enough to carry a moderately sized peiece of furniture.) I got the impression that this was a lady who should NOT be drinking coffee, way too much bottled up energy.

“Okay, show it to me and will see what I can do.”

She leads me to where the dresser she wants is and I see it will fit into my car. As she is paying for it, te lady running the register asks, “Do you know this woman?”

When I rely with a simple, “Nope.”, she looked at me quizzically.

Another woman helping out gets us a hand-truck and helps me take it to my car. This lady asks, “How do you know this woman.” (The questions is understandable. She is a 4’ 9" elsederly chinese lady and I am a 6 foot tall man of obvious European descent.)

I reply, “She is a complete stranger. I came here to get my Mom. She approached me and asked if I could help carry a dresser to her home.”

"She also gave me an odd, but friendly look. She said “Well, she can be like that,” indicating she knew the lady.

We had to dismantle it a bit as it had an mirror attached to the back. Fortunately, I carry a small toolkit in my car so this was not a problem. I loaded it, but realized that this woman and my Mom would not fit as I had put the seats in the back down. to fit the dresser. So my Mom, cheerful as ever, gets back out and waits again while I take the lady and her stuff to her place.

It is a little more than “two or three blocks”. More like 10, but that was okay, I expected that. I got there, carried her dresser in, reassembled it and took her back to the senior center. It took about 15 minutes altogether.

She thanked me. I picked up my Mom and headed home.

So that was my mid-day on Saturday. She was a very odd little lady, but I am glad I was able to help in a small way.

God bless you, what a wonderful act of pure kindness. God shines through you, rpp. :heart:

How sweet of you! Another pearl for your crown in heaven! :getholy:

That was amazingly sweet and trusting of you.
God bless such a charitable person as yourself.

I wonder if those who asked how you knew the lady were worried about her safety. It’s sad that we have to be distrusting of one another. It really should be that everyone is as trustworthy and willing to help as yourself and we don’t assume they’re not.

Uhh… :blush:

Gee… I was not trying to toot my own horn. It was more like this was a very odd lady. It never occurred to me that people would interpret what I had done as some sort of good deed. I mean how could I NOT to try to help her out if I could. Why don’t more people do this?

I dunno, but for me…I’d have a really hard time carrying her dresser, and assembling it for her. :rotfl:

You never know when you are entertaining angels unaware!:thumbsup:


Carrying the dresser was not so bad. It was probably only 75 pounds or so, so it was easy to carry and maneuver around her small home.

I was just trying to help. I did nothing that any other decent person would do. Really, It is not about what I did, but the odd way in which this lady approached me.

I will also add that in thanking me, she gave me a bunch of bananas.


I once paid the bill for a random, total stranger at a coffee shop, and I got the same question – “Do you know that person?”

I think sometimes when people ask that question, they are, perhaps, asking permission to express this same generosity, this same courage in assisting those around them. Society does tell us to fear everything, doubt everything, count the cost of everything.

God bless you and your mother for your joyful giving. And God bless the woman who asked your help and gave you the opportunity to live a tiny bit of the Kingdom of God in this life :thumbsup:

And thanks for sharing this story!


*lol I was joking…like I wouldn’t be able to carry the dresser because it would be too heavy. lol Nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue:

What you did was awesome, and no, we live in a weird world…random acts of kindness are rare, my friend. A bunch of bananas, that is too cute! :)*


Perhaps this is the modern version of the widow’s mite?

Maybe you need to eat more bananas…:smiley:

We had an odd experience with a lady who was a stranger from church last winter but it was a bit more unsettling than yours. As we were leaving Mass an older woman approached us and asked if we would give her a ride home -that it was only a few blocks away. It was an an evening Mass on Sunday and it was very cold outside. I said sure and we (my husband, daughter, the lady and me) proceeded to my car.

I was driving that day and I asked my husband to let the woman sit upfront with me (mainly because I was embarrassed because the backseat was kind of messy). As soon as we started driving I realized the woman was mentally unbalanced. She started rattling on about dancing in a tutu as a child, and then something about doing the Flintstone dance very repetively, she saw my rosary in the car and something along the lines of “yes, yes -very good you must to pray the rosary everyday to keep the devil away, he’s everywhere, you must pray it” and then went on about some pope I believe who electrocuted because he didn’t pray the rosary. She started saying “Are we being followed?” They’re following us." And I’m thinking boy am I glad she wasn’t in back seat with my daughter. She kept insisting we were being followed. I stated calmly and matter-of-factly that they were just the other cars leaving Mass. She went on to say her husband jumped off a bridge because they wouldn’t stop following him. Two minutes later it had morphed into her husband was following her because he was trying to kill her. When the car behind us turned in a different direction in her subdivision she said “It’s a trick, he’ll be back.”

Luckily her house wasn’t far. When she got there she invited us in. I politely declined. She insisted on giving us some books as a thank you and kept saying not to leave until I give you the books. She got out and honestly I wasn’t sure if I should just drive off or not. If my husband wasn’t with us I probably would have. She came out with a bag of books and also a bag of stuff for my daughter. The books were very old Catholic books and the stuff for my daughter was an odd assortment of soap, a pair of christmas themed earrings and opened box of chocolate.

Yeah, that was an odd and rather unsettling experience.

I have had similar experiences to yours, and it is unsettling at the very least. At the time, I thought I was just doing the “Christian” thing of helping a brother or sister. Our guardian angels were with us, protecting us. And who know, maybe it was Christ we had in our cars on those days…

That is rather scary. I actually had a date with a woman that went something like that.

I will add that when we do the Christians thing, when we do corporal acts of mercy, we must always use careful judgment. Because I am a slight bit taller than average, but am a largely built an, I (without meaning to be) tend to be a bit physically intimidating. It has kept the peace in a couple of sticky situations. For those without that, umm…, gift, additional care must be taken.

One other thing to keep in mind. While it is true that some mental disorders can lead a person to be violent, that is quite rare. Normally, mentally disturbed people are very timid when it comes to a violent confrontation. Whie their behavior may be disturbing or disruptive, they are only very rarely violent.

Thank you for your good deed. I have learned, especially in confined situations, like public transit, it is best not to engage people who are acting differently or strangely. As a woman I try to do my good deeds on the sly. Once when I was getting gas I noticed a woman with several small children counting her change and looking through her car and purse for more (been there and done that!). I went up to the cashier and paid for my fill up and asked that they put 10.00 on the other pump. The cashier looked at me like I was crazy and then asked “Do you know her?” I just smiled and said “no but I just want to give her a happier day.” I’ve done this several times…as a single parent or as a parent I know what it is like to literally be down to my last penny and need gas to get to work or school or church.

God Bless You!

That was a great thing you did. May God bring you many blessings.

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