what are anti popes

what are anti popes
and is the current seat vacant?

Antipopes are false claimants to the papacy in contrast to the canonically elected pope. You can read more at newadvent.org/cathen/01582a.htm

The current pope is Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, elected March 13, 2013. You can read about him here: vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/index.htm

Is there some reason that you question the legitimacy of Pope Francis?

Sedevacantist i guess.
why do they question it

can you explain in a little more detail, what the difference between the two is

Why do some people believe the earth is flat?

One is legitimate and one is not. It is probably less likely to be a problem given the communication today than it might have been in history. I’m not a historian so probably someone else can give details.

They dislike the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath, so, instead of working within the Church towards reform, they make their own Pope and nonsensically believe that they are the true Catholic Church.

this whole idea of ‘anitpope’ is that a new concept?
how/when did it start

False claimants to the Papacy have been around since at least the 2nd century.

is that by people that split from the chuch. what about by official RCs. have they always accepted every pope

Have a look here.

Yes, antipopes are people who are not the real Pope but claim to be. They usually have a group of spiritual and/or temporal leaders who back them up.

what about by official RCs. have they always accepted every pope

There have been several times where it was difficult to discern the authentic Pope from the antipope(s). A Catholic who supports an antipope out of sincere ignorance does not sin mortally.

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