What are daydreams and can they be mortally sinful?

What exactly are daydreams and can they be mortally sinful? Thanks for any information on the subject…especially appreciated is information taken directly from the catechism.

Daydreams is defined by “Dictionary.com” as:
A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes.

And yes they can be sinful - and “mortally” so.

Christ teaches that how we think is just as sinful as what we actualy physically do. Thus committing a mortal sin in a “daydream” (that is fully conscience) is just as sinful as if you physically carried out the act.
Now - we are not talking about random thoughts that are squelched as soon as their sinful nature is realized. Rather we are talking about a, “dwelling on the thought”, “musing” as the definition states it.


Thanks for the input, JRKH. I see now that random thoughts when you are groggy that take place in your head and play out without your truly willing them is not actually a daydream. If one ever gives consent to something in these “hallucinations” while groggy it seems one could possibly be guilty of venial sin, but not mortal; seeing one doesn’t have full control of one’s reason at the time one is groggy.

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