What are Family Values?


No agenda and I am not going to post in this thread.

I am not a frequent visitor, but have spent the past couple of hours reading and am finding many mixed messages about family.

Just curious as to what the phrase “Family Values” means to you.

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If you are not going to participate, what makes you think others will be willing to tell you everything about themselves if it doesn’t work both ways?

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I think the not posting is supposed to mean, “don’t worry, I’m not a troll who just signed in with my 400th new logon name”

You could start here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_values

“Family values” as a term to me doesn’t mean anything except values you like and approve of. It brings to mind a discussion I read from CS Lewis where he spoke of the demise of the term “gentleman.” If only I can remember what book that was from…


“Family values” is usually a code word for “nostalgia for the security, prosperity, and seeming stability of 1950’s white America.” It’s something that was one of the themes of the movie PLEASANTVILLE.

And C. S. Lewis’s lament on the decline in precision of the word “gentleman” is in his preface to MERE CHRISTIANITY.


Although Pleasantville was a hideous movie that espoused premarital sex, infidelity, and all sorts of other anti-family garbage as ‘freedom.’

Family values represent the teachings and practice of the Church. I know the devil has made serious inroads into our society when we have to defend and even define these values against those who would mock and destroy them.


wow, i’m surprised by the varied responses to the poster… attacks on his motives, quotes from books and movies, and even a url link to wikipedia… he just asked a simple question, “What does Family Values mean to you?”

So, i’ll try to answer, for me…

Family Values, means I value my Family above other competing societal values, like fame, wealth, materialism, career, politics, entertainment, and self mastery.

It means I make decisions that sometimes may sacrifice my successes in other competing areas, in order for the success and well being of my family.

For instance, I sacrifice my advances in my career, by not working overtime so that I can spend time with my kids. I often decline social invitations so that I can hang at home with my family or go out to have fun together as a family. I don’t participate in discussions on the latest Hollywood “hottie” out of respect for my husband. I choose vacations to locations with activities involving all family members (as opposed to vacations with built in daycare facilities). We pray together, and go to Church together. I don’t always buy the latest most expensive clothes for me, so that I can afford nice clothes for the whole family.

AND, most importantly, it means I don’t mind doing these things, they are not really sacrifices, but rather positive choices, that I am happy and proud about, because I honestly value my family, and enjoy spending time with them, and enjoy making them happy.



They are relative to the family.


It’s what the candidate running for the ‘other’ party doesn’t have.:smiley:


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