What are gods (with a little 'g')?


Some people say they worship gods or goddesses. Some worship Celtic gods, some worship Greek gods, etc.

What manner of spirit are these ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’? *What kind of spirit *would allow itself to be worshipped, and not tell people to worship Christ alone?

I suppose what I’m getting at, is, if these so called gods/goddesses are really real, are these spirits evil? Are they demons? What are they, if they’re real at all?

Catholic answers only, please :bible1:. Thanks :).


I’m not really sure what you mean by Catholic answers only. I think you mean that you want to know what the Catholic Church thinks of the concept of polytheism. I’m not sure how the Catholic Church views polytheism. I dont think that they think they’re demonic. The Catholic Church believes that other religions have truths but the Catholic Church has the most truth.

I am married to a Hindu so I know a bit about the Hindu concept of God. Most Hindus actually believe in only one God. They are not seperate spirits. They believe that God can take any form He wants. The different gods and goddesses in Hinduism are like different aspects of one God. HIndus use the gods and goddesses as a representation of God. Some probably believe that Jesus is God (incarnation of God). Their view of God is much different than ours. They dont limit God or the way He is worshiped. To them God is infinite and He is everywhere. Hinduism actually is a monotheistic religion. I dont know about the other polytheistic religions though.


Hi :wave:. I’m seeking Catholic answers only, because although this is a Catholic site, there are those on this site who are protestant, Muslim, pagan, etc. Also, I am already aware of the polytheist view; and despite of what non-Catholics believe about the issue, I’m interested in the Catholic Universal Truth of the matter. There are also liberal, dissident Catholics that comment; I want to get responses from loyal Catholics, which is why I’m on a Catholic forum :thumbsup:. So I simply meant I’m looking for comments from loyal Catholics, because I’m searching for a virtuous response regarding the topic.


In that case, I would think you would have a more fruitful response on the apologetics board or some other area of the forum rather than the one dedicated to comparing and contrasting beliefs of various religions (presumably with people who actually follow those religions rather than just reiterating what other Catholics think about them). Your question is not seeking to compare and contrast or to understand how those who are in actual relationship understand their Gods, you are wanting simply the Catholic belief on it. Fair enough, but other parts of the forum may be more in line with what you are actually seeking.


Okay :). Thank you!


Paul tells that there are demons behind false gods.

But, if you are claiming that catholics worship false gods, then you have to prove it.


Looks like you have missed the point of the OP entirely, if I am reading her correctly. She doesn’t think Catholics worship false gods, she wants to know what the Catholic Church teaches about the beings worshipped as Gods by polytheists (as she, correctly, knows that the Catholic Church teaches that those Gods are not, indeed, Gods).


Uhm…well I would answer, but its Catholics only. heheh no pagans allowed :slight_smile:


Okay I have a question…why do you say that only catholics can answer?


You’re exactly right, Karen. Thank you!


I already answered this above, but I’ll post it again:

[quote=la-petite-fleur] ****—> I am already aware of the polytheist view; <—
I’m interested in the Catholic Universal Truth of the matter.
I want to get responses from loyal Catholics, ***
which is why I’m on a Catholic ***forum :thumbsup:.

And I shouldn’t have to spend time weeding through pagan responses to receive Catholic answers on a Catholic site.

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