What are opinions you have about corona virus pandemic pt 2?

word awake

Truth is always hurtful. God cannot loose.

After 1918-20 Spanish flu pandemic, God added a dozen years booms, burst, crash and Great Depression in 1932 just to guide Christians come back simple lives. Then God had devil Hitler to destroy European sins to free the world from slaves and colonialism.

Then VN war is life victory is love.

God wants simple life, and worship Him and continue apostles works on spare time , not for love of money to buy happiness and disloyalty. The truth is all other activities beyond living needs maybe sinful or should be avoided [as we see on TV since Jan].

So understand Him and prepare, we know the path, destination and time, love and be loved under God’s love.

No it’s not always hurtful…

What does this even mean?



Hurtful! Make little peace; Satan is stronger than me although he lost the pandemic.

It’s not over yet, and how has he lost? Much of the world is still following him.

The pandemic was an invitation for the people of the world to come together and cooperate, but the invitation was unheeded. The world is more fragmented than ever. People are dying needlessly of COVID-19, and Satan is having his way.

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I fail to see how he has lost or gained anything substantial over this. What has and is continuing to happen is largely inevitable and to be expected.

I noticed that you stopped short of mentioning God’s hand in this but I completely disagree with your insinuation that this was some kind of supernatural invitation.

To be honest, contrary to what some people here think, the devil isn’t around every corner nor is every challenge a supernatural chastisement from God.

Huh? It’s a virus that spread worldwide, a natural phenomenon of living on Earth. And I fail to see how “The people of the world” are not “cooperating” when we have all kinds of travel bans, mask restrictions, and so forth in place. Yes, some people are going to do dumb things and spread it, other people are going to take all the precautions and it might spread anyway depending on how communicable it is, but it’s not like many people and governments are not at least making an effort to contain it.

I’m going to change the title of this thread because it’s basically an invitation for people to give opinions about the pandemic, not “truths”.

@ Beryllos

root sins include idolatry, unbelief, selfishness, pride, unforgiveness, anger, wrath, and bitterness. Among them pride and selfishness are the most root cause of all sins.

During pandemic, in my observation, many people but not all:

care for and pray for each others instead of selfishness. Crime rates dropped in out break areas.

quit greedy life style and pride.

Forgive others. Released prisoners.

Frighten and pray God for help at least sometimes instead of unbelief.

Lesser argument, and quickly solve the conflict peaceful.

Stop gamble or want other people’s assets.

Satan lost a lot. But it is not the best outcome yet, especially idolatry, unbelief, improper sexuality; etc. are still exist strong.

So at least you can see the path of God will lead to and prepare.

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