What are our options if we do not wish to have any more children?

Myself and my husband are currently expecting our 6th baby, we’re both 31. Financially we’re ok, our kids are all great well rounded kids and we have been truly blessed, however I really do not feel like my body could cope with another pregnancy. We fell pregnant using NFP this time and I am absolutely scared to death of falling pregnant again. My last baby was 10lbs 6 and labour was hard. I worry another pregnancy will take its toll on our marriage and myself physically. We don’t know what to do, we know contraception is against church teachings and we want to do things properly but I find myself crying at 35 weeks pregnant because I’m so worried. Please do not think we are not grateful for our beautiful children because we are, we are so thankful to God. Each pregnancy my body seems to give up a little more though, to the point that I can barely walk any distance this time. If any one has advice or can shed light on our options we would be extremely grateful.

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