What are President Obama's views on religion?

I thought he was a Christian, but he says he’s Muslim in this ABC interview with George Stephanopolous. The funny part is that George had to “correct” him. Personally, I don’t care if he’s Muslim, i just don’t like lies, deception, and a lack of transparency.


After watching the youtube clip you linked, I see no “lies, deception, or lack of transparency.” It appears to me that the man simply misspoke.

His views on religion? None.

He is apart of the United Church of Christ which is a Christian church I believe. Its also one of the most blatantly pro-choice Christian churches around and the church organization is apart of NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) that works politically to work against laws that restrict abortions.

there it is!

President Obama stated his first major lie to the American people at the start of his first State Of The Union message when he excoriated the Supreme Court Justices for their decision on Corporate and Organizational spending support for PACS, by mis-leading the people to think the decision meant unrestriction political spending by foreign companies.
Be that as it may, Obama and his regime have prooven to be the most anti-Catholic presidency in the history of the United States.
This is not merely a political opinion, but a documented fact. So, any Roman Catholic who votes for the man is not only putting politics before his religion, but is a self-destructive fool.

With the possible exception of president Franklin Pierce, I agree with you. The difference is that Franklin Pierce was openly and unashamedly anti-Catholic. Obama’s anti-Catholicism is (at times barely) disguised, and is therefore more insidious and dangerous – and given the complexities of life today, also more far-reaching.

Absolutely, bearing false witness is something Catholics should definitely aim to avoid. :rolleyes:

When was the last time you called yourself a Muslim by accident?

Good question. I don’t know about his official religion, but he’s adamantly pro-choice. That speaks volumes to me.

Here’s what is most scary about agnostic progressives: if there is no fear of God, then the only thing that matters is Power. If one believes that God doesn’t exist, then truth no longer matters because they believe there is no truth. The only truth is might (power). If God doesn’t exist, then why not have personal slaves? They believe there would be no punishment for any acts against humanity. Scary if true, for the leader of the free world.

Just a friendly reminder:

[quote=Robert Bay]It is fair to discuss a politician’s or newsmaker’s position on the issues and their qualifications for office, it is not fair to discuss their spiritual well being. Criticisms of a anyone’s spiritual life or spirituality should be left between that person and their spiritual director or confessor. They are not allowed in the forums.** If a politician or newsmaker states that they are a certain religion that is the assumed religion of the politician in this forum, please do not question it.** (source)

Bold added for emphasis.

Well done Havard, with regards to Obama play the ball and not the man. Attack his poltiical views or track record there if you disagree with him but throwing mud at the man on a consistent basis is cheap and tasteless.

There’s video evidence that he claimed both. So, which one to believe?

Vetting is a responsibility and is due diligence. I don’t think the lawyers would say that due diligence is cheap and tasteless.

Why would anyone be vetted regarding their religious beliefs in the US before assuming political office?

In addition the endless attempts to tiptoe aroud the rules of the forum regarding personal attacks on poliitcal figures are tedious.

I agree to a point. Religion and philosophy are often times tied hand and hand for people. No one would ever say a President’s philosophy of life is not something important that should be debated and considered. I think it is important for us to consider how a candidate goes about making decisions and the philosophies they hold that influence their positions. It seems obvious to me at least the Obama’s religion has something to do with his pro-choice stance considering the views of the church he claims to be apart of. This tells us something about how he approaches life and makes decision that affect the entire country.

Other than the video you linked?

He clarifies that he meant to say “my Christian faith” in yours. Questioning the veracity of that clarification falls clearly within Robert Bay’s prohibition.

It’s an odd slip of the tongue.

I’d want to see the few minutes prior to this statement. It’s possible he was on a different track just prior.

Still, and odd slip!

There is no such evidence.

Obama was referring to the fact that McCain refused to join in the ridiculous “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” nonsense that you are perpetuating here.

Obama has attended a Christian Church regularly for years. He performs none of the observances that Muslims are required to. He has publicly stated that he identifies as a Christian.

Saying that Obama is “really” a Muslim is like walking up to a man eating a steak and accusing him of “really” being a vegetarian. It is not only obviously false, but it makes you look silly.

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