What are some Bible verses that tell us to flee temptation?


I am interested in the idea of fleeing temptation, or avoiding temptation, as a way of preventing ourselves from sinning. I think it’s a powerful idea which I would like to better understand. There are two kinds of temptation which stand out to me: people who tempt us (also called ‘bad company’) and situations which tempt us.

I wanted to know what are your favorite Bible verses on this subject? I think verses that generalize temptation, as opposed to using specific temptations (money, lust, etc.) might be more helpful, as not everyone has the same weaknesses. In addition, I would also be interested in any references to the Catechism which deal with this subject.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you guys. I appreciate any feedback!


Can a moderator delete this thread? I would like to edit and change my question, but unfortunately I no longer can, so I’m creating a new thread. Thanks!


You can use an online concordance.



Thanks, Clare. That’s a useful tool.


Resist the devil and He will flee.


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