What are some cartoons you watched as a kid but wouldn't let your own kids watch?

the 90s had some pretty weird stuff on tv. What kinds of cartoons did you watch back when you were a kid, that now, as a mature adult, you wouldn’t show your own kids?

I know many of you will say Ren and Stimpy, and I agree.

I also will add Invader Zim, which i enjoy, but if I had kids, I wouldn’t let them watch it.

whats wrong with them, i wouldent let my kids watch south park or the simpsons or family guy until they were like 9 or 10

i love invader zim and ren and stimpy

I wasn’t allowed to watch most cartoons as a kid but later in my teens I watched a LOT of anime. Some of it I wouldn’t let my kid watch unless it was subbed, at least they’d get a reading lesson. :smiley:

One show I do NOT understand is South Park… how parents can let their kids watch that is beyond me… :\

You would honestly let a 9 or 10 y/o watch family guy?

I’m a college student and I don’t even find a lot of the humor worthy of my time because of how crude it is.

Not a one! But of course I’m a little bit older and grew up watching the classics – Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzalez, Tom and Jerry, all that bunch.

Now that I’m closing on 50, I’ve discovered Japanese anime-- and there is a lot of good material there, too, although a lot is geared toward an older, even adult audiences. I could go on A LOT about it, but I won’t …

Regarding some of the other stuff mentioned – Family Guy, South Park, etc., I think it’s mostly dreadful filth; Simpsons aren’t quite so bad, but still not my cup of tea.

King of the Hill – now, that, despite some ‘PG-13’ material, is overall pretty conservative and wholesome. One of the very first episodes I ever saw was when Bobby (the 12/13 year-old son) got mixed up with a coven – the denouement was that those lot were a bunch of pathetic losers. Hank Hill is one of the very few adult white male authority figures on TV who is not a thundering boob: a good father and honest, hard-working provider for his family. :thumbsup:

Beavis and Butthead

Hay loony toons had their fair share of innuendos, they’re just WAY WAY more subtle.

I forgot to mention billy and mandy. They have a lot of occult references. They even quoted Alaster Crowly (I’m probably spelling the name wrong)

And swearing (usually relating to a donkey), but I think it was words from the 40s and 50s, plus it was done in a somewhat ambiguous way (like a play on words), or some joke about a particular area of the country.

Now, having said that, this isn’t a cartoon, but I used to watch Golden Girls when I was a kid, and never got any of those innuendos now that I see some of the reruns. :shrug: (I probably thought those were “old people jokes” or something.)

What parent in their right mind would let a 9 or 10 year old watch family guy or south park?I hope the person who posted that was joking, because that is just disgusting. I wouldn’t let any child under the age of 18 watch those shows. I don’t have kids, but even I will say that is child abuse.

Back on topic. Luckily I grew up watching cartoons like Ghostbusters or My Little Pony. Most cartoons now a days are pointless, gross, and just plain dumb.

I was born in 85. I remember ghostbusters and also He-man (you have to admit that was a pretty dumb show).

I always loved Underdog when I was a kid (Kennedy/Johnson era) but I never see it rerun anywhere. Maybe because he takes a “secret energy pill” when his superpowers run low?

Anyway, he always managed to screw up somehow while saving the world as in this clip.

I was born in '67 (1967, let me clarify :p) and most cartoons from my era (the '70s and '80s) were safe (probably TOO safe… I mean, come on, The Smurfs?) But the music was another story. Maybe we were too innocent, too naive, or too dumb (or all three), but I sometimes listen to the music from the '80s and wonder “How on earth did Mom and Dad let us listen to THIS???”

Case in point: when I was in high school I LOVED Huey Lewis and the News (a short pause while all under the age of 30 go “Who???”) but I never really heard the second line in the second verse of “Power of Love” (I’m NOT going to print it here) and if I did, I had NO idea what it meant! Now when I listen to the '80s station, I’m shocked at a lot of what was said or implied in songs and wonder if our kids are as naive now as we were then!

I think in my case it would be flipped in the reverse. I was limited severely when it came to TV watching…my foster parents did me a backhanded favor…I read ALL the time.

I recall watching about an hour of TV at most during the week (stuff like Speed Racer and Ultraman…remember those crazy cartoons?) and I was allowed to see the World of Disney on Sunday night and Wild Kingdom…and the Brady Bunch on occasion. That’s IT.

I am the parent from hell. My kid’s not censored at all. When he was 4-8, he wasn’t allowed to watch any shows that had a code or whatever you call it that was for children over 8-10. I had a block on them.
Now if you asked me how to block the TV, I wouldn’t have a clue, but I knew then. Pfft.

My kid learned how to override the block and I’d find him watching Adult Swim when he was supposed to be asleep. Little brat;0)
(that’s what happens when you work nights and get sleep deprived…a child that runs amok…HA!)

I used to have the TV set up to have subtitles on ALL the time. Now the boy takes it off, it blocks part of the screen, he says. Pfft. I loved the subtitles, I could turn off the sound and read the dialog. But, seeing as I rarely watch the boob tube, and the teens have hijacked it…I gave up on that…

I was a sensitive boy. I cried when I watched the Mr. Bill show. Why on earth were Mr. Hands and Mr. Sluggo so mean to Mr. Bill? Having said that, I look back at it and laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I love invader Zim, but it is pretty edgy.

Family Guy is pure idiocy. Please don’t think I’m saying this to be snobby, but it really aims for the lowest common denominator. The Simpsons, back in the mid 90s, when I wasn’t allowed to watch it, was at least more subtle. Case in point, in the episode about evolution (which I despise because its so preachy) flanders says:

“I demand that you stop teaching Darwinian evolution in school! teach something else”

to which skinner responds. “You mean like Lemarcian evolution?” Nobody who hasn’t taken a ecology class will get that, but I had, and I did.

Now, of course, The Simpsons have gone from being FUNNY and preachy to being NOT FUNNY and preachy. Anyone who says there’s no agenda behind something is lying. The question is whose agenda.

Actually, my parents did me a favor by getting rid of cable until I was in high school.

I was born in 69. (1969 ;))

The cartoons I lived on were Looney Toons, The Flintstones, and Woody Wood Pecker.

The Smurfs are on one of the cable stations…my kids don’t like them…(the animation is really terrible). My kids have seen the Flinstones…DD forgets the name and says, “Can we watch the show where they don’t wear shoes.”

I don’t remember the lyrics to Huey Lewis…:o

I do remember my aunt getting very upset to “Super Freak” by Rick James…"Turn that off right now!!!"

And Frankie Goes to Hollywood was supposed to be dirty as well…though I didn’t see it back then.

I grew up in the era of Caspar the Friendly Ghost, and the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner show. I remember Woody Woodpecker, and at summer camp they showed us Tom and Jerry cartoons, as well as Disney cartoons. I never started watching cartoons until I was about seven or eight years old - before that, I watched Romper Room, Friendly Giant, Chez Hélène, Mr. Dress-up, and stuff like that.

I can’t think of anything I watched back then that I wouldn’t let a kid today watch. “Batman” scared the living daylights out of me - what can I say; I was a really sensitive kid. I don’t know any kids today who would be bothered by it. :shrug:

When my son was about six (ten years ago), I rented a video of the old tv series “Land of the Lost”… I got the most pitying looks from a child who had cut his teeth on “Jurassic Park” and I could hear him thinking, “Poor mom, THIS is what she thought was scary when she was a kid??” Wonder what he’d think of the old Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff “horror” movies (which I thought were a hoot when I was his age!)

My favorite cartoons were The New Adventures of Superman and Speed Racer.

My two year old is not old enough for those yet.

Definitely Ren and Stimpy. I’d also throw in other barf o’ rama toons such as Rocko’s Modern Life, and Ahh! Real Monsters.

Extreme Ghostbusters and Godzilla: The Series were pretty good though (loved the monsters there). However I wouldn’t recommend those to kids either on the grounds that it might take a lot of brainpower to process the fun factoids.

Maybe when they’re around eleven or twelve. :\

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