What are some cartoons you watched as a kid but wouldn't let your own kids watch?

I was born in 1967, I can’t think of any cartoons that I watched that I wouldn’t let my daughter watch today.

Stuff like South Park, Bevis & Butthead and Family Guy, that stuff all came out after I was already in college and beyond and never really got into any of them. One of the boys (age 11) in my daughter’s class slapped her one day at school, was reenacting a scene from Family Guy. So that stuff is off limits in our house.

it was meant to be sarcastic. heck no i think those shows are horrible

Apparently lost on me… good to hear haha.

maybe if i had said 5 or 6 and it would have been more obvious :rotfl::smiley:

I grew up with the Pink Panther and Scooby Doo… both of which my daughter loves too. I also like the Superfriends, but that’s not on for her to watch. I can’t think of a cartoon I watched as a kid that I wouldn’t let her watch. I figure I turned out okay (and most cartoons were pretty tame).

I wouldn’t let her watch Family Guy for sure… but I really think that cartoon is meant for older people anyway, not kids. Kind of like Robot Chicken, Southpark, etc. Those shows come on at night after a typical kid’s bedtime.

One show I can’t stand though, Back in the Barnyard. First off, it’s kind of weird that the male “cow” has an udder. But I hate the way that show preaches vegetarianism. I have nothing against vegetarians and their choices, more power to them. But I hate when little kids are “scared” into it and people who eat meat are portrayed as evil.

Oddly enough, a lot of people hate Spongebob, but I kind of like it. While the show is goofy, it is also non-violent (in that they aren’t trying to hurt each other) and the usual lesson is love, friendship, and being nice to others pays off and greed, selfishness, and hateful leads to your downfall.

The shows that I would not let younger children watch would be South Park and Ren and Stimpy. If you just click on their Website, South Park, you will see why South Park is an adult show!

I have rented all of my favorites on Netflix for the kids.

The Smurfs - the kids really hate this show
The Flintstones - they think it is really unrealistic
Invader Zim - my son loves this and talks about it all the time
Heman and Thundercats - they thought were okay but not that interested to watch again
ScoobyDo, Alvan and the Chipmonks, Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny are their favorite and they are always watching these.

What I cannot find is Mighty Mouse whice I loved.

Unforunately with my cable company, Family Guy comes on at 5pm. Back to back episodes.

I hate scooby doo, which is ironic because I love dogs. Maybe it’s because of how dated the original series seems to me, I mean, come on, bell bottoms? I never really LOVED spongebob, but some of the episodes were rather clever, of course, they’re running on fumes now.

Invader zim is one of my favorite shows (hence my username). You can get the whole series on DVD for $20 at best buy.

I’m also not ashamed to mention that I watch some of the kids shows on ewtn on rare occasions, probably because I wish my CCD had been that orthodox.

It’s also available for download somewhere on the Internet, and I know of kids who download it and watch it on their computers. Based on what they tell me about it, it seems like pure trash.

I think it’s unfortunate when people think that just because it’s a cartoon, it’s automatically okay for kids to watch. Some cartoons are not meant for young children to watch. Fox’s Sunday night primetime lineup is a prime example.

I guess we’ll have to see how it goes as my kids get older. I have vague recollections of watching shows such as the Smurfs, Transformers, Go-Bots, Thundercats, G.I.Joe, Scooby-Doo, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, etc. as a small child. I’d have to rewatch them to even comment on whether or not I thought they were appropriate. I can’t remember anything bad about them, but most of that stuff went over my head.

By the time “The Simpsons” came out (which I do remember watching from the very beginning) I was a bit older. I was just two years older that Bart when the Simpsons first came out. Now I’m almost Homer’s age. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea why my parents did, but they let my brother and me watch Beavis and Butthead and Southpark starting when he was in second grade and I was in 4th. We starting watching Family Guy as a family when it first came on, but I didn’t like it and stopped watching after a few episodes.
When I have kids, I am definitely going to monitor what they watch much more closely than my parents. Especially shows on Cartoon Network, which have a lot of violence, bad values, sexual innuendo, and even some anti-religious comments. I babysat two kids for three weeks this spring and I couldn’t believe some of the stuff on CN.

Oho, you said it! When I was younger (and even until now) I absolutely hated it when my relatives asked why I still watch “cartoons” at my age. Obviously they all think cartoons are just about disproportionate anthros going about whacking each other.

Never mind the fact I’ve seen plenty of “cartoons” that feature bloody fight scenes, angsty drama, shocking fan service, and advanced dialogue. :rolleyes:

but whats wrong with rin and stimpy, iv watched it a few times and i see nothing wrong with it

such pure trash that i would not be at all shocked to hear that satan himself loves to watch it along with south park, ugly americans, and many others from comedy central and adult swim.

although when family guy first came on it was halfway decent and sort of clever, but since at least part way through the second season it has been down hill, because (and i am not trying to seem like a jerk to people who are liberals) they started pandering to the liberals, primary examples are, brian (the dog) being an atheist, brian being a pot-head, stewie (the baby no less) being a homosexual, lois (the wife) always and froever preaching about sexual freedom and how “its true you should not have sex until your ready, but when your ready, be safe, use a condom” which of course ends in roaring applause

im not going to lie, up until about october of last year it (and sorry to say souyh park) were my favorite shows, goes to show you how much of a change happened in my life

Oh yes! Billy and Mandy was really cool :smiley: Awesome name, by the way! One of my fav charaters :3

I would let them watch any cartoon I watched. I loved x men, batman, animaniacs, and i think it was tiny toons. Pink and the brain was great. The added benefit is that an adult could watch these and enjoy them because of the innuendo.

I used to watch Mighty Mouse on VHS at my grandma’s! She was the only person I knew with a VHS player, which has since broken. Wish I could get those on DVD. She had a ton! Great show.

South Park is one of the best things that can happen to children. Not taking yourself too seriously + critical thinking = FTW!!!

Scooby Doo, also. I love how the ghost is never real! I hope my kid(s) end up liking that show or a new incarnation of it. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Family guy sucks. It’s more crass than South Park, without any of South Park’s redeeming qualities.

Great shows. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I grew up on Bugs Bunny and Hanna Barbara. We still watch those with the kids. I don’t mind letting them watch the first few seasons of the Simpsons, but nothing after that. While some complain about it getting too preachy and political, the worst thing about the last 12-14 seasons is that it’s just not funny. My wife let the girls watch an episode a few months ago. I walked in a few minutes after it started and they were already asking to turn it off because it wasn’t funny.

South Park and Family Guy are two shows I won’t let my kids see. We’ve had arguments/discussions with people who want to let them watch those shows at their houses. Easiest solution is not letting them go over, which usually gets them to quit insisting on letting them see those shows.

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