What are some Christian movies, albums, and books?

Biblical films and books, ones made by religious individuals even if not explicitly religious in content? I know of the more obvious ones, like Narnia and LOTR and The Passion… there’s the Madea movies… also, what about classical music and other genres that aren’t contemporary or hard rock or metal… like hip-hop, dub, electronica, folk, country, etc.? Perusing the metal scene, there are so many hidden gems of Christian music that it can take years of “eight degrees” searching to find. I want some gems! Hey, while we’re at it, what about contemporary visual artists (drawing, painting, etc.)?

I was watching El Cid (1961, Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren), and it dawned on me on how very Catholic this movie is. Guess I hadn’t noticed it before, since I watched it on the big screen as a child, and at that age, I thought all people were Catholic. But, there is no sex, and El Cid is constantly calling upon God to help him. The Catholic Church is shown in a very good light, too.

“The Blind Side.”
“The Help” - this year’s “Blind Side”

Huge list of Christian films that I just found!

Gran Torino ( with Clint Eastwood ) is a GREAT Christian movie
that somehow flew under the radar with the" we hate Christians"
movie critics and crowd.
I highly recommend it.

Ben Hur comes to mind.
The Scarlet and the Black
The Miracle of Marcellino

You may also wish to mention that Gran Torino is chock full of f-bombs and assorted other profanities - that’s aside from the disparaging treatment of a Catholic priest (who was young enough to be Clint Eastwood’s kid). It doesn’t get any more “we hate Christians” than having a token Catholic character in a movie that poo-poo’s that token character.

There’s considerably more Christian merit in Clint Eastwood’s other movie “Changeling,” which features a Christian radio broadcaster (played by John Malkovich) in a very favorable light - actively helping a falsely-accused mother - much more favorably than was depicted in “Gran Torino.” Changeling was also rated R, but unlike Gran Torino, there really wasn’t much profanity - making it more suitable for Christian audiences.

I just want to add that in the Catholic Media Review, Father Barron says that Gran Torino
is one of the greatest Christian movies he has ever seen.


I know you only said movies, albums and books, but you should really include a fourth medium, television.

Here is a list of family oriented television shows, and although most don’t deal with religion specifically, they are very family oriented, which is the cornerstone of a moral society.


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