What are some GOOD & ACTIVE Catholic Apologetics blogs?

For whatever reason, many of the Catholic Apologetics blogs I used to follow have gone silent for some time and are more or less dead. That’s fine, because most blogs usually have a certain lifespan. But now I’d like to find some still active Catholic Apologetics blogs to follow (I use Feedly to follow blogs).

Please link any good and still active Catholic Apologetics blogs you can think of. :thumbsup:

Some listed are apolgetics driven but others are just interesting


I have a Blog but I don’t like to shamelessly promote it I’ll let you make that decision


See my sig line below.

Monsignor Charles Pope has an excellent daily blog. I highly recommend it.

I’ve followed many of those, but they aren’t as in the apologetics direction as I would have hoped.

I don’t see that many posts focused on doctrinal issues like justification, sola scriptura, etc, which is what I’m more interested in. Your focus seems more on the social/moral teachings.

You might want to change the background color of your blog because I can barely read the text. It’s black text on dark grey wall.

Yeah! That’s probably my favorite blog for the past two years! :thumbsup:

I also have a blog (see link in my signature line), and write on a variety of topics, but I wouldn’t say I am “active”.
I used to aim for 2 posts per month, but then “life” started to happen more and more often, so I am lucky to get 1 per month. (Somehow, my wife and I woke up one morning and found out we have lots of children…must be something in the well water. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Still, you might find it useful for certain topics you are looking for.
Big +1 for Msgr. Pope!

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