What are some good online resources about Eastern Orthodoxy?

Hi, I am doing a report about Eastern Orthodoxy. What are some authentic websites that could help me learn about the Orthodox Church’s beliefs, practices, and history?

Also, is there a good website dealing with Eastern Orthodoxy in the United States? Thanks!

For Eastern Orthodoxy in the USA, go to the website of the Orthodox Church in America. They should also be a good resource for questions about beliefs and practices, too (particularly in the Q&A section).

Another good resource is orthodoxwiki.org


Thank you! I’m glad you reccommened that site because I was looking over it earlier and found some things.

So the Orthodox Church in America is autocephalous, but there are other Orthodox communities in connection with Eastern Orthodox “mother” churches not in America, correct? That is what I got from quickly reading over the history. It seems the OCA wants one Orthodox communion in America, but there are others.

There is also the Orthodox Christian Information Center, though I usually find OrthodoxWiki more helpful.

Just for the record, while Orthodox Christian Information Center has many valuable resources, they have a very polemical tone and come off as similar to Traditionalist Catholics but Orthodox.


Yes, I would agree that while OCIC is good for its translations of text that are hard to find elsewhere (e.g., John Damascene’s early critique of Islam), it has a very definite point of view that can be off-putting to outsiders, and should not be considered as a first source or unbiased source of information. To his credit, however, I don’t believe its author has ever tried to claim otherwise.

Ancient Faith Radio

It has a point of view that can be off putting to insiders as well. :wink:

But it is a great site for information nonetheless, as long as you can weed out the commentary.

I enjoy reading articles at Monachos(dot)net every now and then.

Here’s a link that may help pokrovchurch.org/about_orthodoxy.html

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