What are some good reasons to practice chastity?


Hey everyone. What are some good reasons for practicing chastity or remaining chaste, especially in regards to pornography, masturbation, and fornication/premarital sex?


Because those things are mortal sins.


STDS, pettiness, drama


Despite what pop culture says, those things are not healthy releases.

Something like porn or masturbation can really kill the motivation of people to properly date.

Even in a secular sense, those sexual actions really are not defensible. :nope: :dts:


They are serious sinful mortal sins that offend God and the cumulative effects deteriorate normalcy you would expect in a good future marriage because those memories will always be in your mind and your spouse will be compared to them. They are selfish acts that destroy charity in our souls and make us cruel and ugly inside. Not to mention fornication can lead to contraceptives, pregnancy and abortion. Nobody who is really trying to be a faith filled obedient Catholic does these things. St. Francis De Sales “Introduction to the Devout Life” which is free on line is a good place to start.


I’d flip it around and ask why someone would be unchaste, other than that “it feels.good,” which few people even today accept as a legitimate rationale for doing really consequential things.


‘Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.’ (Mt. 5:8)

  1. Sins of impurity enslave us; they are a chain from Hell.
  2. Certain sins of impurity also enslave our neighbor.
  3. Those who die in mortal sin will be eternally miserable.
  4. Sins of impurity are heavily punished (e.g. in Purgatory).

Now for some more positive reasons:
5. Purity of heart has God, the Source of all Goodness, for its reward, both now and in the Beatific Vision.
6. The joys of loving God are vastly superior to earthly pleasures, both in intensity and duration.
7. Those in a state of grace can merit. Every good act will receive a reward.
8. By prayer and sacrifice, the pure of heart can obtain countless graces for the salvation of themselves and their neighbour. St. Thomas says that the least grace is more valuable than the entire created universe.
9. The pure of heart are better fitted for converse with Him, which produces in the soul a greater or lesser degree of joy, hope and peace.

Much more could be said, but this much should suffice to convince any sane person.

Ultimately, if we possess God, we lack nothing. If we lack God, we have nothing.


Love allows one to be free, lust only enslaves.




Chastity brings self mastery when practiced over time.

That is our Christian call: to be as fully human as possible.
Human beings have rational souls. We think, we choose, we co-operate with God in determining our own disposition.

Lust attacks self mastery and makes us slaves to passions and emotions. When we are slaves our, ability to think, to choose, to co-operate with God, is diminished.

But the end result of practicing chastity is
Peace. Joy. Contentment. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Real Love.

That is my experience, for what it is worth. Once you begin to climb out of slavery, the good that Jesus Christ offers you is so much better than the slime that is lust.


Because staying chaste makes you more complete as a person, more happy in day to day life, and a better Christian that God intends you to be. Because to committ impure acts (or any sin) is equivalent to going up to Jesus during His passion and suffering and slapping Him in the face, as He was laying on the ground under the weight of the cross, bloody and broken, weeping for YOU as He was suffering so greatly for you. Because impure acts are satanic and occult and open one up to possession. Having struggled with some of these sins of impurity myself, and thus being able to see both ends of the spectrum, I promise you it is SO much better and fulfilling to fight for the noble thing, which is purity.


Because happiness depends on the practice of virtue throughout life. (I’ve paraphrased Aristotle.)

Premarital sex, etc. are not virtues, they are vices, and ultimately lead to unhappiness. This is true whether one believes in God or not.


First off they are mortal sins

Second STDs are real and can harm or kill you

Third unwanted pregnancy

Fourth you’ll regret not being chaste once your married and have to own up to your sexual past


Indeed :slight_smile: Pretty much everyone so far has said all. I would just like to emphasize the idea said by some that in assessing if an act is chaste, marriage must be kept in mind. If it could harm a potential marriage, it’s a no-go.


It doesn’t do anyone favors to constantly indulge a desire. That’s how addictions are made. That goes for food, drink, and sex, too.

Sometimes we have to exercise our will to do things we don’t want to, as well. Exercising, housecleaning, eating our vegetables.

I can just imagine the state I’d be in if I only ever did things I “felt like” doing.


Here is a book from a Jewish woman who became a Christian and discovered the value of chastity. Click on the Look Inside feature and read the first few pages. Use your discernment.




As the early Christians noted…

There is:

the* way of life*


the* way of death*

That contrary to chastity of the later.


My thoughts exactly. “Practicing chastity brings Peace, Joy, Real Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness”, and I would add Fulfillment, and True Freedom.


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