What are some good, solid Catholic retreat houses?


Going on a retreat is an ancient Catholic practice to recharge the spiritual “batteries.”

Please name any good, solid (i.e., non-flaky) Catholic retreat houses that you like, and please state why you like them. :thumbsup:


Any Opus Dei retreat is worthwhile, non-flaky, intense, silent, reverent…

Go to www.opusdei.org and click on “Contact Us” to send an email inquiry about retreats near you.




Here’s a link to the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Santa Lucia (South of Big Sur) CA:



WOW! I’d love to go there on reatreat. Do you know if they allow women?


I don’t see why not, Joannm. It’s been awhile since I had gone on a retreat there, and the meals were delivered to the rooms back then, and we only gathered for Mass. I seem to remember that the local faithful would gather for Mass there, too.


Two Carmelite retreat houses in California:




I like Conception Abbey, but then I might be a wee bit prejudicial as I am a Benedictine Oblate thru there. :thumbsup:




Here’s a great Benedictine center in Colorado


Stay away from the one in Colorado Springs if you want to stay away from flaky.


Is anyone aware of any men's silent weekend retreats in the Sacramento or San Francisco Bay area?


There’s a Madonna House near me where I sometimes go to stay in a poustinia. Nothing but a bed, a Bible, a cross, an icon, and some bread & water. :slight_smile:

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