What are some good sources to learn about nuns?

I’m not discerning right now. I haven’t even been through RCIA, and I’d like to wait until I get through that to start discerning anything. But, I think it’s very unlikely that I will get married and have kids in the future, so I’d like to learn about nuns, their faily lives, and how to become one so that I might consider it later. Whatever I end up doing, it’ll be for the glory of God.

Does anyone have any good sources to help me learn about it? Thank you!

Brittany do you have any services in your Diocese run by Nuns, ie aged care, schools, homeless charities.? If so , see if you can volunteer and get to know the nuns.

I don’t have access to a Catholic church at the moment because of my current conditions. Thank you, though! But do you know of any online sources? Online is really all I can do at the moment

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I am in Australia.

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There are also a few religious on this site that might respond. I am an Aspirant in a Monastic Order. Its the first step , in a long journey. At this point I am learning their Spirituality, and they are getting to know me.

Well, if you want to visit Kansas, there is something called a Fiat Retreat every year. It is a discernment retreat for young women with talks by various sisters of different orders. It was started by a young woman parishioner here and has blossomed into a popular yearly event.

Or maybe you’d like to visit this motherhouse.


Here is my organization’s website:


We have a page on there that explains all vocations.

We also offer Safe Harbor Vocation Support (messages are private) for those who are discerning Religious Life. If you feel you’re not ready for that, then our Forum Yahoo group could be helpful. The group receives the same posts as Safe Harbor, but the messages are public. You’d be able to ask questions about Religious Life in public just as you are doing here.

While we are an outreach on behalf of cloistered orders, we post links for active communities, too. We try to follow the liturgical calendar when it comes to posting links. There are occasional “Fika with Jesus” meditations. On two of our groups, we have meditations on the Rule of St Benedict, courtesy of a Benedictine Oblate.

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If you go to the top of the Vocations forum, there’s a sticky with tons of vocation resources. See Vocation Resource Information

Exploring the web sites of various convents and monasteries will give you some sense of what a nun’s life is like.


So I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but this is a really interesting vocation story so I thought I’d share it! https://www.passionistnuns.org/vocationstories/findinglove/

Yes, Google is your best friend in this situation. Many convents these days have their own websites. It depends on what you would be looking for. If you decide in the future that you are open to the idea, you first would have to consider if you would like to be an active or cloistered nun; this in itself is a discernment process. Then you would consider what order God is calling you to: Benedictine, Poor Clares, Carmelite, Discalced Carmelite (St. Teresa’s reformed order), Dominican, Franciscan, Passionist, Augustinian, Cistersians, etc.

This website is also great in researching more about the life. http://www.religious-vocation.com/differences_religious_orders.html#.WfNeeGhSzIU

God bless and best of luck to you

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First, you need to become Catholic. Usually the waiting period after becoming a Catholic is about ten years, give or take, sometimes as little as two years. The timing is up to the monastery or religious order usually of or by individuals bases seeking entrance You can not just walk in the doors and say ‘I want to be a nun.’ Do not seek religious life as a ‘backup plan.’ If you discern the religious life seek advice and councling from a priest or mentor. Read. ask question and/or dialog with others and learn as much as you can about the Catholic Faith. I wish you well in your quest. Also, you need to get rid of all debt or resolve any family obligations. Peace


More like two years. Long enough to get past that first rush of enthusiasm and make sure this is what the candidate really wants.

I agree with you that the religious life is not a backup plan in case Mr. Right doesn’t turn up. It’s a calling from God to a particular way of life.


Of course, I don’t mean to say that it is a backup plan. :slight_smile: Definitely, I agree.

I actually think that two years is cutting discernment a little thin unless the aspirant/candidate is exceptional. There is a lot to take in and learn for a new convert. Peace.

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Third orders require two to three years. Religious Life, usually the same.

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Just to add here, I highly recommend reading this very short book by St. Alphonsus Maria de Ligouri. There is a wealth of information I didn’t know previously about vocations in there!


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