What are some helpful books in converting to Catholicism?

Please list some good books that have had great success in the conversion to Catholicism.

The recommendations depend on what area you would like to grow in, so they are broken down by topic. All of them will help you continue to grow in your faith, so you won’t go wrong with any on the list. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

Recommended Reading on Catechesis:
Can you recommend a book on Catholicism for novices?

What is it that Catholics believe?
Can you recommend a book for my Catholic friend?

Recommended Reading on the Bible:
What Do Catholics Think of the Bible?

Can you recommend a Catholic bible commentary?

Recommended Reading on Spirituality:
Is there a book on patron saints?

Converting Catholics back to being Catholic

Recommended Reading on History and Liturgy:
looking for resource(s)

Can you help me find “simple” reading for convert and a fallen away?

Recommended Reading on Apologetics:
BECOMING AN APOLOGIST: Advice from the CA staff

Why should I be Catholic?

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