What are some of Madonna's more wholesome songs?


Can CAF members point such songs out for the benefit of those wanting to check out Madge’s music?


Borderline, Into the Groove, Where’s the Party, Holiday, La Isla Bonita, True Blue, Vogue, Ray of Light, Lucky Star, Take a Bow, Secret, Oh Father, Papa Don’t Preach (<—the song interpreted one way suggests she is pregnant but has decided not to abort)

Note that while the songs may be all right music/ lyrics wise, some of the videos for them are risque.


Don’t cry for me Argentina
This used to be my playground


Dear Jesse.
Paradise (not for me)


How about “Live to Tell”?


The problem with Madonna is the fact that her music videos indicate what she really had in mind when singing songs that appear to be ok lyric wise but have double meanings.

Her videos often show that the double meaning she has in mind is the sinful one.


You asked that question four years ago, you know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gimme a moment or two. Have to check old 8mm movies from her 7th birthday party.


Yeah, “Live to Tell” is fine.


Man! sigh


papa don’t preach, a very pro life song lol

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