What are some of your favourite Christian/Gospel songs?


What are some of your favorite Christian/Gospel songs?


For a long time I have liked a rendition of Holy, Holy, Holy by The Cathedrals;


From my old Baptist days my favourites were Servant King, You are my Hiding Place (sung in the round), Be Still and You Shall Go Out with Joy. Two are in our hymn book - Laudate - so maybe one day the musical director will get bored with Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer…although since I’ve even given up hinting about How Great Thou Art as he’s a creature of habit it’s a bit of a long shot.
I love the Chaplet of Divine Mercy being sung…people tend to rush it otherwise at our holy hour as if they’ve a bus to catch!


@anon79053769 , I don’t know if this fits into any of your categories .

I’ve only heard it on the internet , but I love its simple and gentle beauty .


Any by Don Francisco , but this is a favourite .

Too Small A Price…about the Good Thief with a wonderful climax …


I have a TON right now!!

I’ll stop there…haha


@Delphinus I love “Forever.”


I seriously can’t listen to it without bawling like a baby! :smiley:


I love “Hosanna to the Son of David” by Dan Schutte. The lyrics are short and simple, but there’s just something about it that makes me go “wow!”


Don Francisco- “Beautiful To Me”


I love “Be Not Afraid” and “Be Our Light” as well as the classic “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace”.
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s registered name is “Athercroft’s Amazing Miss Grace”.


Steeple song by Don Francisco







I Don’t Care Where You Been Sleeping - Don Francisco


Don Francisco - He’s Alive


Prodigal’s Song - Don Francisco

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