What are some of your favourite Christian/Gospel songs?


The Trumpet Shall Sound, from Händel’s Messiah.


Don Francisco - Bird With Broken Wing


Get ready to slap your knee for Jesus



Here is the air Birth and fortune I despise!, from the oratorio Saul by Händel. When Saul presents David with the hand of his younger daughter Michal as reward for the boy’s victory in battle, the king’s elder daughter Merab cannot contain her contempt for the low-born slayer of Goliath. Her brother Jonathan rounds on her angrily, defending David as a model of virtue.


Through All my Days - Don Francisco


Here is the air But who may abide, from Händel’s Messiah. The singer is Helen Watts.

But who may abide the day of His coming?
And who shall stand when He appeareth?
For He is like a refiner’s fire.


I became a fan of Christian hard rock band Fireflight in 2010. The following February, after my heart valve replacement surgery, their song “Unbreakable” became my theme song during my recovery.

I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing them in concert tomorrow evening. I did once before, but the sound was bad. Hopefully it will be better this time.


Here is O Lord, turn not away Thy face, by the sixteenth-century English Catholic composer John Dowland.


Got To Tell Somebody - Don Francisco


Here is an aria from cantata 34 by Johann Sebastian Bach. The poet rejoices on behalf of the blessed souls whom God has destined to dwell with Him in Heaven.


Got To Tell Somebody - Don Francisco


Here is Why do the nations so furiously rage together?, from Händel’s Messiah. The singer is Christian Immler, with the Vienna Bach Consort.


Fireflight sounded great and had an entertaining show. I sang along with “Unbreakable” (or tried to; it was hard to hear myself).


For @Rob2. May our Lady be with you and watch over you on this, the feast of her Assumption. Goodbye, my friend.


Here I am Lord, always brings a tear to my eye.


Here is the opening aria from Händel’s Italian oratorio La resurrezione, composed at the ripe old age of twenty-two years. An angel appears at the infernal gates, and demands that they open to admit the King of Glory, to whose recent victory over Sin and Death, Hell will be the first to submit. One of the events commemorated on Holy Saturday is The Harrowing of Hell, when Christ descended to the underworld and freed the souls of the righteous from their bondage. A translation appears below. The miraculous Cecilia Bartoli is the Angel, with Les Arts Florissants led by William Christie in this live performance given at Paris in the year 2000.

Be unbarred, ye gates of Avernus,
And let your dismal darkness be dispelled
By the radiance of the eternal God!

Yield, horrid gates, yield to the King of Glory,
For yours is the first submission
To His victorious might!

Be unbarred, ye gates, etc.



Here is the duet Thrice bless’d be the king, from the oratorio Solomon by Händel. Two harlots having come before the king with a dispute over a child, he has by a clever ruse uncovered and banished the murderous false mother. The true mother calls down blessings on the king, who adjures her to return her blessings to Heaven and to God, Whose ‘mercy endureth forever’.


Thrice bless’ d be the king
For he’s good and he’s wise.
My gratitude calls
Streaming tears from my eyes.
How happy are those
Who in God put their trust!


The Lord all these virtues has giv’n,
Thy thanks be returned all to Heav’n.
'Tis God that rewards, and will lift from the dust
Whom to crush proud oppressors endeavour,
For His mercy endureth forever.


I will change your name …

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