What are some of your favourite Christian/Gospel songs?


In Christ Alone by Graham Kendrick



Adam, Where Are You? - Don Francisco



I’ll Never Let Go of Your Hand - Don Francisco


“Hands and Feet” by Ecclesia ft. Andrew Padilla and “Move” by Isla Vista Worship are my two favorites I think.


Here is Welcome as the cheerful light, from the oratorio Jephtha by Händel. The Israelite general Jephtha has vowed to God that, should his side prevail in battle, he will sacrifice the first living creature he meets on his return home. Unfortunately that is his daughter, who sings this aria to welcome her father home, all unaware that, by her innocent and loving action, she has condemned herself to death.


Don Francisco- “Since I Met Him”


The Hallelujah Chorus, from the oratorio Messiah by Georg Friedrich Händel.


That is fabulous , @kill051 . :smile:


The Fast - Don Francisco



Bí Thusa Mo Shúile (original version of Be Thou My Vision) and Hosanna are the only ones I can name on top of my head


Here is the final chorale, Nun seid ihr wohl gerochen (Now are ye well avenged), from the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach. I have appended below my own rough translation of the text, which is sung in German. The orchestra play on instruments of Bach’s time, three hundred years ago, which are quite different from the instruments in use today.

Now are ye well avenged
On the host of thine enemies,
For Christ has broken
What was against thee.
Death, the Devil, Sin and Hell
Are completely weakened;
Mankind has its place
At the side of God.


I Could Never Promise You - Don Francisco


He was despised, from the oratorio Messiah by Georg Friedrich Händel.


Brother Of The Son - Don Francisco


Here is Praise the Lord with harp and tongue, one of the final choruses from the oratorio Solomon by Händel.


Jesus is Lord of the Way I Feel - Don Franciso


Here is Et in Spiritum Sanctum, from the Mass in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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