What are some of your favourite tipples?


Green Chartreuse is a liqueur made by French Carthusian monks since 1737 with a secret recipe which includes 130 herbs, plants and flowers , my mum used to like to have a bottle in the house over Christmas .

I recommend it in small doses .



H20 on the Rocks with Lemon.


Small glass of Port wine or Sherry please.
Actually,make that several…it’s been a long day :sweat_smile:


OK, maybe I’m a cheap drunk but I like a well-made Long Island Ice Tea.


One of these, please. It’s a warm day today.


Another French Liqueur is Benedictine , and more of it is drunk in East Lancashire – more specifically the area which includes Accrington, Blackburn and Burnley – than anywhere outside France .

The connection dates from at least the days following the end of the First World War, when the 11th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment – better known as the famous Accrington Pals – was based in the Le Havre, Harfleur and Fecamp area, close to the Benectine Abbey which produces the liqueur, from June to October 1919.

So that’s my excuse for having an interest in it , and the other excuse is that it is delicious with a little hot water .


I love a good glass or two of a good port. Some really good 20 year old port coming out of Australia.


The first introduction I had was on a horse trek through the bush in the hill country in NSW when I was 19.
We would have a full day in the saddle,take a swim and set up our tents ,have a campfire cooked dinner then sit around the big campfire at night talking :slight_smile: I returned some months later to help out on the treks and do farm work for a few months.I loved the culture there.


None of those fancy inebriants for me! :angry:
Actually, I’ve given up drinking alcohol, since I liked it too much :slightly_frowning_face:, but when I did imbibe, cheap beer was just fine. I couldn’t handle hard liquor and I hated the taste of wine. Also, I worked at our local Budweiser brewery here years ago installing a conveyor system, so Bud brings back some good memories for me.



That’s unfortunate @christofirst .

I have to drink for health reasons . :wink:


To each his own :grin:. I’m not a crusader when it comes to other people drinking, I just know that I tend to overindulge when I do.


My dad has never drank, decided not to when he was young.He may have thought there could be a tendency so just abstained.
I very rarely drink as I don’t like to drink alone…usually it’s a special occasion treat and in moderation :smiley_cat:


Most of them

Not malibu or baileys though.


This is my favourite of all , and one benefit is that I can go to most pubs in the country and find it .

I prefer the Guinness Original in bottles , but Draught Guinness will do if needs be .



Does a frozen strawberry Daiquiri count?

PHEW, I only took a sip of a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens in New Orleans and it almost knocked me out of my chair. People that drink the whole thing must be able to handle their liquor.

I like wine coolers too but haven’t had one in ages.


I had one o those things there :slight_smile: It tasted nice,but I made it last a long time.Pity I couldn’t bring that big glass home but it was too thin to take on the plane.


I sent a sample of Bud Light to the lab for analysis. A week or so later the results came back “Milt, we are sorry to inform you that your horse has diabetes.” :rofl: :sunglasses: :rofl:

I too have given up alcohol since I actually have diabetes. It was an easy choice either I gave up booze or give up my eyesight or a leg.

Now if you are looking for something that will knock your socks off try this Greek concoction.

Question. What do you get when both the Royal and U.S. Navies pull in to a Greek port at the same time.
Answer. Lots of drunken sailors sleeping everywhere you can imagine. ( I bet you thought I say a fight).


I also like wine coolers, but should I happen to drink one my niece will have a heart attack. I don’t want to be the cause of her demise!!



See-through beer!


hawk, rushing off to find some stout


I am amazed at the size of some of the drinks like that we sell to tourists here . . . but generally in plastic, so they don’t drop and break on the street.

Full yards of slushy booze drinks, it seems.

I ordered something that came with the “keep the glass” downtown one night when I wasn’t driving home–about a quart of microbrew.

You don’t actually keep your glass–they give you a new one to take home, carefully packed inside a cardboard box . . .

As for Guinness, the tap is obviously best, even with those new-fangled fast-pour spouts—as long as it has been less than three days since tapped (oh, it shows on day 4 . . .). What comes in cans & bottles varies widely by country (even under the same name), but in the US, the draught (cans and bottles) is closest to the tap, while the “original” extra stout is just another good stout; a great many exceed it (including, surprisingly the one under the “Miller Reserve” label in the 90s . . .)

hawk, beer lover

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