What are some things people have said to you for having a big family? and how did you handle it


I get alot of smart remarks for wanting a big family I have two year old and another due in august and get alot of smerks. I always been kind of a smartallec but most the time I have nothing to say except that I love kids.

So what are some of the out right descusting things people hve said to you and what have you said or done in reply


Depending how old the people are who say this to you, you can always say that your kids will be paying their social security…lol


A guy at work called my kids f@#% trophies. I thought of killing him, but let it slide. A couple years later he became my boss and I was laid off. Nice guy.


Ive got to thinking if you were to adopt 6 kids you would be viewed as a hero but if you have 6 of your own you must not have heard of contraception


“Wow–you have five kids? All yours? You’re done, right? That’s just crazy–I couldn’t do it. You must have no time for yourself.” That’s the usual gist of it. Mostly I just smile. To the “you’re done, right?” comment, I usually say, “I will take all the blessings God wants to grant me.”

Also, whenever I do anything slightly air-headed and this one neighbor of mine happens to notice–she always has the same comment. Yesterday I got all the kids dressed and lovely and headed off to church for the 5:30PM Mass–the lot was empty–yesterday was Friday–I was a day ahead of schedule. My neighbor saw us returning and I explained my silliness and she said it again! “You’re a mother of five–that’s what happens when your so busy!” Arrgggghhh–as if children make you mentally deficient.:shrug: I just smiled…:cool:


Well, I don’t have kids of my own, but my mom had 6 so when I mention how many siblings I have I’ve gotten a lot of different “colorful” remarks. People have said things like “didn’t your parents have television?” and the like. It makes me mad b/c people automatically assume that since you have a lot of kids, it meant you have a lot of sex. I think that people who use contraception have sex more often b/c they take the contraception so they can have sex as often as they like, with no responsibility to worry about.

I’ve gotten some mean comments about my parents being “horny” so I’m sure if I have a lot of kids I’ll get the same treatment. But hey, the kids are worth it so bring it on! :thumbsup:


I get very few negative responses (I have nine), but then, I think I also assume most people mean what they say in a friendly way.

I did have one man-- the groom, a very devout Christian, in the receiving line, fresh from hearing the verse about being fruitful and multiplying-- look at our then-8 and say, “YOU’RE NOT HAVING ANYMORE, ARE YOU???”

Next Christmas, I sent them a card and said, “In answer to your husband’s first question when I met him, yes, we’re having more!” I remember feeling irritated when I wrote it, and hoping it didn’t come across as too snotty. My friend wrote and apologized for her husband’s crack.


No, the comments come with adoption, too.

Conversation with a friend from church:
“So, did you always know you wanted THREE?”
“I’m sorry, did I say we were stopping at three?”
“Oh, um, I just assumed… I know I could NEVER handle more than my two…” (her youngest wasn’t even crawling yet)

Lady at the ice cream stand: “Oh, you have the perfect family: one boy, one girl!”
“Well, it’s about to become imperfect, then, because we’re waiting on an adoption from China.”


Oh, I’ve always hated that comment:mad: I am pregnant with my third and people were saying that to me before I shared the news. It made me so less inclined to want to share my wonderful news with them.

I came from a family of 6 kids. My mom has said to me that each new child adds another dimension on to your life and I’m so glad she felt this way!

Whenever someone asks me questions like how many kids I would like, I always say “I love chilren so much, I always want to have one more than what I have now!”


One acquaintance turned me round, when I asked her why she did that she told me she was looking for the rabbit’s tail. I was not amused. :mad:

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”
“It’s people like you who are responsible for the over-population of the planet.” :eek:
“Don’t you know what causes it?” Yes, isn’t it great!!! :wink:

Once I replied…“I think my husband is the most wonderful person anyone could wish to meet and I think there should be more people like him in the world, so I’m doing my best to attend to it.”


I get the … “oh, what were YOU thinking??”, when I tell the difference in ages of my two girls … I have a 12 year old, and a 15 month old. I am quick to point out that no, my 12 year old is NOT a built in baby sitter.

I am planning on having more … and this is what I say to people …

“God certainly knows better than I do.”

“I’m going to have 5 children … I’ll need them to take care of me when I get old. One child picks a day, Monday thru Friday, and they can rotate weekends.” :eek:

haven’t used this one yet … but I’m waiting for the right moment …
“yep … I’m doing my part to try and fill the world with conservative Catholics!”


:smiley: I’ve said that to my non-Catholic (non-religious) brothers. :thumbsup: They just smirk back at me!


You could tell them you and your husband/wife are considering going for the guiness world record (might help to know what the current record is and who holds it).


A guy from my parish told me point blank to stop having children. I held my tongue.


When a friend’s wife was expecting their 4th he was asked if he was a committed Catholic. He replied, “No, just a passionate Protestant.”


I give you credit b/c I don’t think I could’ve stopped myself from saying a smart*** comment in return to something so inconsiderate. :mad:


Now there’s one I haven’t heard before!

When some idiot on the news really annoys my husband, he usually sighs, then comments that at least the liberals don’t tend to have many kids, so ours will outnumber them eventually. :slight_smile:

And I have to agree with the comment about each child adding a new dimension to the family. Our oldest two are only 19 months apart, and we frequently look at them running around together, shake our heads, and wonder, “What would they do without each other?!?” I think they would both be SO different without that wonderful interaction.

Fr. Pacwa on EWTN has told the story that when his mother was dying, she apologized to her children, saying, “I’m sorry I was so selfish when I was younger and didn’t have more of you kids!” She explained that it had seemed like such a burden, but she eventually came to understand and treasure the joys that come, too.


The interesting reactions go both ways. God has blest us with 2 wonderful children. We are devout orthodox Catholics.

We once met a very devout traditional Catholic family with 10 children all well behaved, groomed, catechized, etc. Many people including us admired & looked up to them as a role model of the domestic church. Our chidren are not as quiet as theirs & have strong personalities. This family kept us at a distance; our attempts to become friends were rejected. They assumed we contacepted & were not good Catholic parents.


Friend with 4 girls has a stranger come up and say “My, you have your hands full.”

Her response “Better than having them empty.”


I have 3 daughters in a row and then after my 1st son was born, a typical question from folks was “Are you finished” :rolleyes:
My answer “No I’m Kim” :smiley: left the nosy people speechless.
I was blessed with another son, 2 amd a half years later:)

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