What are the 3 worst TV shows?

i dont’ watch TV except for Letterman once in awhile… Hate all the references to sex…

A few times i have been going channel surfing and caught 2 1/2 “men” … Yikes!! That has to be one the TOP 3 worst shows list… I only watched a few minutes here, few min. there… and all it was EVER … and i mean EVER about was sex… illicit sex, of course…

So anyway… could you tell me whaat you think is the worst… and WHY…

For me, Countdown with Keith Olbermann is without a doubt, THE WORST PROGRAM I’ve ever seen. Talk about bias! For all those far-Left “creatures” who whine about having balance in talk shows, this program has absolutely NONE. Mr. Olbermann seems to take aim at everyone from the current, sitting President and Vice-President on down to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and anyone else who does NOT agree with Mr. Olbermann’s utterly IMbalanced viewpoint. :eek: :bigyikes: :banghead: :hypno: :dts: :mad:

ONLY 3 shows? :smiley:

Can we have the 3 worst shows of 2008 on each of these?
on NBC
History Channel
Discovery Channel
Family Channel
TV Land

Reno 911 (It’s just really stupid)

The Simpsons (Same as above…but I like family guy for some odd reason…I think the talking dog helps)

Jerry Springer (Nuff said.)

Ugh - gotta agree with the ‘Oprah’ one.

never heard of him… what station, what time?

I am not sure i want to watch though… might make my cynicism worse… if that’ possible… :rolleyes:

can you give an example of something he has said concerning the Church or pope or related subjects?? thanks.

Mary says in (can’t remember which) apparitions that this is the worst time in history, as far as sin goes…

But she didn’t have to tell me… :frowning:

I watch very little television, but based on what I’ve heard and read, a few of my choices follow (granted, I admit I haven’t actually watched these, but they sound just awful):

The Baby Borrowers
Sex In The City

Dexter: A serial killer who works in forensics at a police station. He kills people not after knocking them out but while they are still alive. One guy he killed with a chainsaw. His sister is a cop, and worked undercover with some prostitutes, one of which said, “What’s wrong with bein a ****** whore?” Sure, what’s wrong with anything? Both he and his sister engaged in non-marital sex acts. The police as role models? Not on this show.

Grey’s Anatomy: Everyone fornicates, except for one odd character who is married, and had a baby, with her husband. She sticks out like a light in the darkness. The lead character picks up men she doesn’t know at bars and has sex with them. When things are bad, she goes to the bar and drinks tequila. One of her attractive coworkers remarked: “So I’m a dirty whore. So what?” Doctors as role models? Not on this show,

Two and a Half Men: Fornication and alcohol. The lead character’s mom is also one of the fornicators. A young boy is exposed to the immorality. No role models in sight.

Family Guy: As the opening theme song lets everyone know “those values on which we used to rely” are spit on with this show. The baby is literally a monster and a pervert, with the rest of the “family” putting the dys in dysfunctional with sexual situations finishing off the immoral mix.

Jerry Springer: Perversion and dysfunction on parade. At the end of each program, Jerry passes along a few words of totally appropriate “wisdom” about how people should treat each other, too bad his show is the exact opposite.

Californication: David Duchovny of the X-Files plays a serial fornicator. 'Nuff said.

God bless,

The O’Reilly Factor
Anything on MTV
Pretty much everything on prime time

The only really good thing that airs regularly that I watch now is the World Over. I love that guy. He is so cool.

There are too many awful shows to even name. I can already think of quite a few shows.

Dr Phil
Any current CBS sitcom
Maury Povich
Jerry Springer
The View
Sex and the City
Anything on MTV
Family Guy
Big Brother

American Idol

AKA the spawn of Satan/the kiss of death

Actually I’m almost convinced that CBS is run by the devil himself.

I’m trying to come up with 3 good TV shows. . .

Thinking. . .Thinking. . .

Can’t really.

Game shows might have interesting trivia to answer or cool prizes but too often have hosts and players making lewd and crude comments, celebrate GREED, etc.

Don’t get the classic cartoons anymore (we don’t have “Boomerang!”. . .I would not give 2 cents for any of the junk on Cartoon Network.)

Disney likewise. . .once they made it ‘free’, they put on nothing but dreck. They run the same cheap ‘made for TV movies’ or the turkeys over and over every month. . .once in a blue MOON will we get a ‘success’ and even those are usually from the last 15 years. . .when was the last time they showed Bambi, Snow White, even the cartoon 101 Dalmatians?

Nickelodeon likewise just preteens and young teens who live ‘adult’ lives with no supervision, no responsibility, and no respect. . . On Disney very early morning and Nick Jr. the only halfway good series are for toddlers (Baby Einsten, Handy Manny), and they have put in so many different versions of Winnie the Pooh (each involving slightly different merchandise that kids ‘gotta have’) that he’s had more reincarnations than the Dalai Lama. . .

Broadcast TV? Forget it. The occasional music on PBS (classical), the occasional old movie gem, otherwise dreck.

Cable? History Channel is totally revisionist, maybe 1 out of 100 programs is not full of egregious error.
Discovery: WIth the exception of Mythbusters, mostly all about animal attacks, gangs, and dirty jobs. And a little Mythbusters goes a long way.
Lifetime. . .Funny, that’s what it seems like it’s been when I try to watch a half-hour program. . .

On and on.

Sometimes the GOOD classic programs are on TV Land (although it’s amazing that they ignore all but a handful of shows made before the late 80s and beyond… .) but often only late at night, or shown in a block from say 8 to 10 a.m., and then repeated (same shows) from 4 to 6 p.m., and they are always changing their lineups, just when you think, "Finally! Something I can watch at 4 p.m.! " and they’ll replace it with yet another episode of “All in the Family.”

I hate to sound snobby (especially because I know some people love shows I do not–and I think that’s fine! ) and cynical, but. . .

On the whole. . .

I would much rather read classic lit.

Classic literature would be a lot better use of your time, mind and spirit.

God bless,

South Park definitely makes the list. Then I’d say Family Guy and Jerry Springer. There might be worse ones but those are the worst three that I’ve ever seen and recall.

Of things that have been named, I actually like the Simpsons and Amerian Idol though. :rolleyes:

Mostly I watch Jeopardy and the news though. I don’t know why I pay for cable.

  1. Everybody Loves Raymond–makes men look like fools, constant bickering, yet it all looks so decent that Christian people are sucked in and think it’s a clean show. Bah!–I would rather see a show where evil is clearly evil and repulsive and the consequences are clear instead of a show like this that masks evil behind supposedly clever insults between family members. In real life, if your spouse treated you like these people do, you would be crying constantly and divorced within a year. It’s not funny in real-life and it’s not funny on TV, either.

  2. House–makes a mockery out of doctors and all the other health care workers. Glorifies a creepy, crotchety bratty Peter Pan man. And we wonder why we have a shortage of doctors, nurses, and ancillary health care workers in the U.S. In real life, Dr. House would discharged in a second, because hospitals can’t afford to offend “customers.” Too many hospitals are going broke. There are so many heroic doctors and instead, we all think this idiot is “cute.”

  3. Law and Order: SVU. This show is so poorly written with banal dialogue and bizarre plots that fall apart when they are examined closely. The show gives an entirely false picture of how rape cases are handled. I’ve talked to people who really do this work, and they just shake their heads. No way do six people all sit around and work exclusively on one case for a week. Instead, one person works on 60 cases for years, and there is very little funding for their hard work. If I want to watch a fantasy, I’ll pop a Disney cartoon in the DVD player. I really don’t like the idea of a fantasy about rape.

I didn’t know that the Jerry Springer show was still on. I have to agree that that is a very immoral, trashy, gross show.

I like “Family Guy” for some odd reason. I know how bad it is…I still like it…Ducks flying rocks

I used to love watching Jerry Springer when I was 10 years old. It was so pathetic it was great (if that is even possible)

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