What are the Apostolic offices?


If St Peter had the office of Pope, what are the other offices? I understand the 12 Apostles to represent the twelve tribes of Israel, is that correct? What are their significance? Judas’ office was filled after his death seamingly to keep a significant 12th office. He seemed to be in control of finance, but i dont know what that would have to do with the tribes…?

I spent some time explaining my support for the position of Pope with a …nonCat friend and these thoughts came to my mind.

Peace and thanks


I hope my question doesnt sound "loaded". I realize I may be comparing two different things with the "tribes" and "offices". I dont really think they are so related.

Nevertheless, because we take the office of pope so significant, what do we know of the other offices?

I asked kinda generally because i would like to hear some knowledge on the subject. I realize I may be asking or approaching the subject wrong. The main reason it came to me was because I was explaining that we keep the office of Peter which was established by Jesus. I used the example of the twelve replacing Judas with Mathias in order to keep the 12. I was hoping my friend wasnt going to ask me what the other offices are and who sits in them, though I have some thoughts.

Hope that helped,


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