What are the basic differences between 7th Day Adventists and Catholics?

What are the basic differences between 7th day adventists and Catholics?

These links should be helpful in refuting Seventh-Day Adventists. CAF staff apologist Michelle Arnold grew up as an Adventist and has also written on the topic for Catholic Answers. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.
Recommended Reading:

*]Quick Questions (This Rock: September 1992)
*]Catholic Conspiracy Theories (This Rock: January 2007)
*]Why do Catholics worship on Sunday?
*]Who started the Seventh-Day Adventists?
*]How do I talk with a Seventh-Day Adventist?
*]Can you recommend resources on Seventh-Day Adventism?

*]Church & Papacy
*]Can you help with the origins of the papacy?
*]Can a pope be a heretic?
]Papal Infallibility
]Is the pope God on earth?
]Infallibility and Heretical popes
]White Smoke, Valid Pope
A Heretic Pope Would Govern Illicitly—but Validly by Rev. Brian Harrison, O.S.

*]Why do Catholics call the pope “Holy Father”?
*]Why haven’t recent popes worn the triple crown?
*]How can the pope cause people to go to hell?
*]Do you have to acknowledge the pope to be a Catholic?
*]How can I best explain the pope to non-Catholics?
*]Salvation Outside of the Church

Recommended Resources:

*]Seventh-Day Adventism
*]Sabbath or Sunday?
*]From Sabbath to Sunday by James P. Guzek

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