What are the basic signs of the antichrist?

I once read an article written by Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon, a man who claimed to be a former Catholic priest, speaking about how one of the indicators of the antichrist was that he would be gathering everybody into one, and he pointed it to the pope.

Now, first off, I have a hard time believing that Bennett is a former priest, mainly because of the discrepancies in his research regarding Catholic Doctrine and Dogma. Either that or he was very poorly catechized.

But his comments make me nervous lately, as I review information coming in about Bergoglio supported civil unions while he was a bishop (abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/03/pope-francis-supported-civil-unions-as-cardinal/), and stated it was possible that the celibacy discipline in the Latin Rite could be overturned (worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/03/20/17386717-pope-francis-spoke-of-being-dazzled-by-girl-possible-change-of-celibacy-rule?lite). Also, my chaplain from high school posted a picture on facebook of Bergoglio meeting with Bartholomew, patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church, at his inaugural mass, the first time this has happened in 1,000 years…

How do we know the pope is not the antichrist of Revelation 13? Or Daniel?

The Catholic Church would be catagorized as “amillenialist” even though we don’t use that term as Evangelical Protestants do. Simply put, Catholics understand Revelation to be what it is: A letter meant to be passed along to each of the seven early churches, written in symbology meant to hide it’s meaning from the persecuting Romans, so as to encourage Christians to stay true to their faith until the end despite torture and death. The mark of the beast (666) reveals who the “antichrist” was that John was speaking about.

Because we have Faith in the Holy Spirit. The devil lured this guy away from the Church now he is using him to try and lure others away. That is enough to tell you not to hold any credibility to his belief that the Pope is the anti-christ.

Do you really believe that Christ would set up His Church and then one day give it to the devil to run? That flies in the face of what the Church is and why Christ established her.

I once believed this and some other strange stuff on my journey back to the Church. The devil is very good at putting people in our path to try and lure us away from the truth. He messes with our mind; our thinking, so that it can be at risk of corrupting and blinding our hearts to the truth.

If I was you, I would stop worrying about it. You are already in the Church established on the Rock…the rock of Peter.

The Church built on Rock will be the only church left standing to oppose the AntiChrist…so no need to worry.

The antichrist will want to imitate Jesus in almost everything in order to be accepted . So he will be a young man from 30-33 year old, of jewish descendant ( the jewish people will think that he is the messiah they’ve been waiting for for ages. as the messaih as to be jewish). he will do a lot of miracles to fool people.
As for us being one is a recommandation from Jesus Christ himself. " I pray that you may be one". Jesus wants us to be one. One faith, One Spirit , One God.

Exactly what I was thinking.
The Pharisees accused Jesus of working miracles and good deeds as the devil. As he retorted: ‘Why would Satin empower someone to cast out his own evil spirits that he had comissioned?’ Well put. We have a VERY Holy Pope!

Jesus stated He will be with His Church AT ALL TIME. Don’t let other false men mislead you. Remember even Jesus prophesied as did Paul that many people would misinterpret the Church. Pay attention to your Pope. He is led by the greatest force in the world. And this so called antichrist is not generally interpreted to be a man. It is more of a movement or force that exists in the world. St. John the apostle had written in his epistle that the antichrist is here and is already coming into the world. He is not referring to specific individuals but a movement or force that tries to dismantle the Church. It has always been around. Just look to the materialism and commercialism and the lifting of Sunday as a day of rest as signs of this movement. All you have to do to defeat this so called antichrist is stick to your witness before God and try to discipline this movement back where it belongs.

I will re-quote you since your reply was so good! We need to read it again:D

Your answer was GOOD TOO! :thumbsup:
Gosh we have such well read people here!!! Pleasure to be with such good company!

Where are you getting your information that he will be 30-33? and that he will be of jewish descent? and the jews will think he is their long awaited messiah?

I heard (can’t remember where, or from whom) that the anti-christ won’t even know he is the anti-christ…

Anti…means “against”…so he will be against Christ and will lead and teach people opposite of what Christ has taught us…(sounds like a give away to me)…he we lead us away from Christ…

The antichrist will deny that Christ has come in the flesh.

Jesus was one Who tried to unite all into one. Was He His own antichrist?

As to any position that the Pope has taken, it must be viewed in context.

The Church has survived much worse scandals and much worse times that it is seeing right now. Far worse.

Why not read orthodox Catholic writers? You can’t live long enough to read them all. Forget about the Church’s enemies - that is the influence of the evil one, trying to plant the seeds of doubt. Has he?

Read the early church fathers on the end times and the antichrist. all of them are very specific in that he will be an individual not a movement. St. Paul the apostle when he was talking about him was very clear that he will be an individual.

Thanks for the link, I will read it later.

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