What are the best apologetics books?

Reading books about apologetics really helps me spiritually and brings me the joy of Christ! I’m looking for a new book, so what would you recommend?


Mere Christianity


Reasonable Faith

The Case For Faith

The Reason for God Timothy Keller Chapter 2 How Could a Good God Allow Suffering

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Do you prefer specific topics or general discussions? That changes things. Also, can you give us some examples of your favorites so far?

I like to read general discussions, but I don’t specific things as long as they connect to a general topic. I’ve read Mere Christianity and loved it (mostly because of C.S. Lewis’ beautiful writing but also because most of what he said connected to Catholicism and helped me understand my own faith). I also read Matt Fradd’s “Does God Exist?” about the five proofs and then later read some of Thomas Aquinas when I had questions regarding the Eucharist and the Trinity and the way he explains things is so beautiful to me. I hope this helps!

Fathers Know best by Jimmy Akin


I agree with the suggestion by @Dan_Defender. If you are going to read apologetics, you must delve into the Church Fathers. They make it clear, because of their antiquity, what the Church has taught over the last two millennia.



Basically anything G. K. Chesterton ever wrote, but in particular his books The Everlasting Man and Orthodoxy, both of which can be found for free here, in both ebook and audiobook form: www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mward/gkc/books/

To be honest, I can’t recommend Chesterton enough. I also enjoyed his book on St. Thomas Aquinas, and I’m sure I would also enjoy his book on St. Francis of Assisi. Both are also available on that website. Oh, and check out some of this essays too, such as his Introduction to the Book of Job: https://www.chesterton.org/introduction-to-job/

I also recommend C. S. Lewis’ short The Abolition of Man, which is a brilliant and simple defense of traditional ethics: www.basicincome.com/bp/files/The_Abolition_of_Man-C_S_Lewis.pdf

Moving outside the Anglosphere, I would recommend Blaise Pascal’s Pensees. There are various translations you can find online, all in the public domain.

Home Sweet Rome, Scott and Kimberly Hahn

Radio Replies (available online)–I love these books because I feel like they sharpen my mind :slight_smile:

These are more “easy reading” than some of the above!

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