What are the best aps for Catholics?

Which aps help you the most in your spiritual journey? Anything that you use a lot and highly recommend?

The Bible app (of course). “Catholic tv & radio” provides good teaching/entertainment occasionally. Also the “MeaCulpa” app. It’s great for examining your conscience.

iPieta is fantastic. Laudate is good too. I use them both regularly and don’t know what I would do without them. Both include Latin which is awesome.

I’m very fond of iBreviary.

Pray as you go also has an app (for android phones) that’s quite handy.

You Version Bible app is excellent.
Mass Times is handy when traveling.
Mea Culpa Pro is very useful but a tip on that one is that if you’re new to the faith then it may feel overwhelming. Many of the sins listed are described in general terms and not applicable in all situations. If you don’t keep that perspective you’ll be way too hard on yourself and discouraged in your faith journey. In my case, I usually wait for a particular need for confession (I.e. I know I screwed up in a significant way) or I haven’t been in a while. When I know I’m going I scroll thought it and remember more minor things I should bring up. It’s great at keeping track of all you want to say for you. Somehow I was the first my priest has seen with that app. He got a huge kick out of it when I had it going in the booth.

**Catholic Companion

and most of the Rosary ones

also IHradio (immaculate heart radio)**

Oh indeed, they are THE BEST apps you can get in my opinion, right now. There’s also iCatholicRadio, called the Station of the Cross and they are a part of EWTN’s Affiliates. I listen to them every night from that app, since I can’t get it in my country across the Atlantic pond.

Wow! I just downloaded iPieta-- amazing! Thanks guys!

iPieta is the best. I wish they had it for droid.

I love the Divine Mercy and Mary apps put out by the Marian Fathers- both are free. Magnificat the magazine has an app as well with all of the prayers and readings. The Divine Office app is also great. I agree about ipieta- amazing! I also listen to the various Catholic radio apps. Not specifically Catholic but for Contemporary Christian Music iheart radio now carries K Love

I’m very fond of iBreviary.

IBreviary is good. I also use Family Rosary, Roman Catholic Calender/Universalis and an app to reflect on the ten commandments & beatitudes. (Ten Commandments App & Beatitudes App)


Thanks for the suggestion for iPieta! That is an amazing app, it’s got everything!

I know! It’s so worth the money it costs. Not to mention if you go to their website you can download a whole load of audio in both English and Latin. I pray the rosary as I walk to work using it!

My favorite app is the iMissal app as it gives me the option to view the Bible readings in many ways. The app even allows users to zoom in to the text for increased visibility. Yet another app that I find useful is the Laudate app. This app offers access to several prayers, Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy chaplet and daily meditations as well. Overall, a fantastic app!!

Youversion bible is great.

I don’t use apps. I bookmark. Together usccb.org and universalis.com cover just about everything. I have my own collection of prayers which I upload so I can view on my phone.

I am looking for an app which has all the novena’s .Any suggestions for an android phone?

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