What are the biggest obstacles in your life to working out your salvation?


there are many things in life that distract us from our primary goal of working out our salvation with fear and trembling…

here are some of mine:

being too busy with worldly concerns (leaving less time for prayer, etc)

the Protestant work ethic which kind of rules since this country is mostly protestant and always has been…

other Catholics not being very Catholic… (people naturally tend to conform to what others are doing… but that is not an excuse…)


*You make great threads! I would say for me? Worry, and saying that I trust God, but then I try to hold onto that worry for just a bit longer. Worry over minor things, worry over major things. That and fear of loss. I have come a long way with that, but it sneaks up on me sometimes. :o I believe that Christ died for all of our sins, so it’s not that I think these issues of mine will hurt my salvation, BUT, it hurts my relationship to Christ. Creates distance. I pray each day for God to help me bridge the gap between my worry and trust for Him, that He will remove the obstacles that keep me from getting as close to Him as I can. *


I tend to agree with whatevergirl, and to know that he always has our best interest in mind. It’s rather difficult at times to discern what he wants from us, for there are plenty of decisions in life that on our end, have no good or bad repercussions from our perspectives, yet since he sees the entire big picture, we must trust him with all of our being. So, in a nutshell, it’s about letting go and letting God.


I tend to agree with the other two posters…Like right now we have our mobile home for sale to work on becoming debt free next years for the times ahead…I tend to worry about finances and car travel…One thing tho is that the older I get the less I desire of earthly things and to be with Jesus in eternity…Being disabled helps me in my perspective…Blessings in Christ…Kim


Temptation? :smiley: Yes, today we are surrounded by temptation everywhere we look - no rest for the righteous! :stuck_out_tongue: So stay awake, and pray. The wicked have surrounded the camp of God’s people. :wink: “Pray, pray, pray!” “Penance, penance, penance!” God bless.


My biggest obstacle is in not living in the present.

The experiences of my past, its disappointments and trials as well as my responses and interpretations, all tug at me and can keep me trapped in trusting in my own power and ability to reach God.

The unknown of the future, the fear of making more mistakes and not pleasing the Lord, can keep me paralyzed from living out this precious life that God has given me.

Years ago I bought a poster that has a poem written by Helen Mallicoat. It still hangs at the bottom of the stairs in my house. In summary, she writes that God tells us not to live in the past or the future, but rather to live in the present for His name is I AM.

I didn’t realize how relevant it would be to my life when I bought it, but over the years, this beautiful poem has helped me remember to stay in the present. Thankfully, God Himself is reminding me to do that now.

I would have written out the whole poem but was afraid of copyright infringement, so I did a search and the whole poem can be seen on several websites. Here’s one: inspire.luquette.org/my_name_is_i_am.htm

  • Annie


In a nutshell, anytime and anyway in which I love “the praise of men more than the praise of God”. John 12:43


Pornography, self-confidence, anger, fear, doubt, prayer-less-ness.


fear, not enough trust in God, attachments to worldy things, pride.


Shame - Who am I to be worthy of God’s love? I am definitely worthless.

Doubt - It’s impossible to avoid sin completely and forever. I’m always failing.

It’s not all bad, recently I feel I have made a real break through…I’m starting to feel His way and my way align more perfectly through prayer and action. I have faith that someday the other road blocks will fall away.


Lately, not prioritizing faith and asking my family to support me in this. Still trying to work out the best way to make faith a real priority.

Recently, putting too much effort into trying to do what I was thinking I “ought” to do and not enough effort into what I actually am able to do. Like, trying and failing to put more time into dedicated prayer and worship when I honestly have too many worldly responsibilities that God clearly doesn’t want me to neglect.

Ungrateful guilt over not having things that God hasn’t given me (time for service to others, money for tithing, etc.) rather than gratitude and a holy passion for the things and worship opportunities God has given me (the ability to serve and help my family, my employment, daily life).

Lately, I’ve been trying to determine what God is giving me, to see if that can give me a hint to what He wants me to give back to Him.

Having too narrow of a definition of spirituality . . . needing to understand different ways to worship so I can figure out which ones I am called to at this time in my life.


The biggest obsticle for me is ME :smiley:

Seriously, I’m afraid that I get too caught up with menusia (sp). Details with faith, details with life, details with prayer, details with…

There is one thing in my life that is both a great obstacle and a great benefit to me.

This is my wifes illness (she has alzheimers).

Living with someone with ALZ teaches one many of the virtues; patience, unselfish love, endurance, fortitude and humility.
It also plays havoc with trying to pray, to read, to learn, and to gain a handle on ones emotions and the development of a spiritual life.
In my case this manifests itself as difficulty praying, and accepting God’s will. I want my wife healed and I pray for this. I also want my wife happy with God, so why am I praying ofr healing when she is on her way home to be with Him. See? - Dilemma!

So - on the one hand I feel that I am growing, on the other hand I feel that I am constantly struggling to find the right combination of prayer, and faith to illicit a cure for my lady. This of course is purely selfish on my part…and around and around I go…

See why I said my biggest problem is me??? :shrug:


  1. Constant worry about financial and legal issues.
  2. Lustful thoughts.
  3. Laziness.
  4. Forgetting that I am not in this alone.
  5. Distracted by entertainment when I should be making time for GOD.

Most likely if I did number 5 then 1-4 would be less troublesome.

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