What are the Catholic Apocrypha?


What are the Catholic Apocrypha? By this, I do *not * mean the Deuterocanonicals (what Protestants refer to as “Apocrypha”). I also do not mean the Gnostic writings. The reason I am asking this is because there was a special on EWTN the other week about one of the saints. He said that he was taught through tradition that Jesus ate a piece of bread off the ground or something like that. Then, after hearing this story from his mother, he read it in one of the apocryphal books. Sorry I don’t know the name of the saint, maybe someone out there saw this movie too.


There exists a wealth a apocryphal gospels, oracles, and acts of the apostles, so it may take some sifting to find what you’re looking for, however,
perhaps this may help you:



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