What are the Catholic religious obligations?

In Islam, we have many religious obligations and law, and Jews have 613 they should follow. Our obligations include stuff like prayer, fasting, piligrimage to Mecca, alm-giving, etc.
I’m curious in knowing, what are the religious obligations for the Catholics?

The basic obligation is to love God above all and others as ourselves, and all else is based upon this.
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The Catechism explains everything about the Cathoic faith you can get it on an audio to help better understand… Ask the moderators they are very helpful.

At the simplest: the 5 precepts of the Church

  1. Go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.
    1a) In the US, it’s the Ascension, the Assumption, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God
  2. Confess your sins at least once a year
  3. Receive the Eucharist at least during the Easter season
  4. Fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and abstain from meat on Fridays
    4a) Only during Lent in the US
  5. Help provide for the needs of the Church

The Six Commandments of the Church (From “The New Roman Missal” by Father FX LaSance):

  1. To hear Mass on Sundays and holy-days of obligation
  2. To fast and abstain on the days appointed.
  3. To confess at least once a year.
  4. To receive Holy Eucharist during the Easter-time.
  5. To contribute to the support of our pastors.
  6. Not to marry persons who are not Catholics, or who are related to us within the third degree of kindred, nor privately without witnesses, nor to solemnize marriage at forbidden times.

It’s worth mentioning that No 6 is frequently dispensed by the Church.

Sadly, yes.

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Just wanted to add that you can access the Catechism of the Catholic Church online for free:


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I disagree with you. I was a Methodist when I married my Catholic wife and her daily prayers for 10 years for me to convert were answered.
It would be ridiculous for Catholics only to be allowed to marry Catholics which is why the Church moved on that discipline.

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